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Innovation scan

Fill out our innovation scan and find out in which phase your company is when it comes to the power of innovation. Are you allowing creativity to flourish? To what extent is innovation part of your strategy? Do you make use of the possibilities in your surroundings? Filling out the scan takes about 15 minutes and give you the first insight into the innovative power of your company.

The innovation scan is part of the EFRO project Waardecreatie (value creation).

Analyze the innovative strategy in your company

The scan is applicable for you if:

  • You are a board member, (innovation) manager or employee and you have a good overview of the company;
  • You work at a technology-driven SME with 5 to 250 employees;
  • You want to improve your company's innovation approach;
  • You want to work on process optimization;
  • You want to gain insight into your current strengths and pitfalls;
  • You want to prioritize innovation within your company;
  • You want to become aware of the innovative power of your company.

Discover new business opportunities

By renewing within your company, you stay one step ahead of your competitors and can you remain a frontrunner in your market. The innovation scan is a digital survey and is developed by experts in cooperation with Technopolis. By filling out the scan, you discover which aspects of your company offer room for improvement and innovation. In the results, we refer to tools from our ecosystem to help your company to keep innovating. Think of a session with our innovation experts, one of our programs such as Innovate GO, or a subsidy from one of our partners.

The innovation scan is only available in Dutch. Want to do it in English? No problem. Contact on of our experts and we will do the scan together in English. 

How the scan is structured

The innovation scan consists of five parts: Investing & Organizing, Commercialization & Society, Knowledge & Technology, Collaboration & Ecosystem, and Risk & Impact. For each theme you answer twelve closed questions. This is not about the 'best' answer, but the answer that best suits your company.

Those answers get a score. Your result will be calculated based on that. This result consists of several parts:

  • Core data from your company that provides context to the outcomes;
  • A bar chart with the score per key factor;
  • An overview of strengths and pitfalls;
  • An explanation of the scores per key factor;
  • A comparison with three typologies of business strategies that have a similar score;
  • A set of concrete action points.

Completed the scan? Then you can get started. With the results of the analysis, we refer you to the tools from our ecosystem to help your company with innovation. Consider, for example, a session with our business developers, one of our programs such as Innovate GO or a subsidy scheme from our partners.

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