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Making retail more sustainable with innovative payment systems


As market leader in developing payment systems, Pan Oston is not only committed to technological steps but also to a greener future. From the choice of materials to the method of production and the collaboration with Novel-T for a circular future. Pan Oston shows how innovation and sustainability go hand in hand in the search for a sustainable world. Innovation manager Corné van Braak explains what drives Pan Oston: an unwavering commitment to sustainability, woven into every aspect of their business practices.

The mission behind the machines

“In a world that is changing rapidly, we have to keep pace,” says Corné, Pan Oston's innovation manager, who started his career at the company 17 years ago. Pan Oston, located in Raalte, has developed from a traditional metal company to market leader in the Netherlands - and far beyond - in the production of payment systems. “Every store needs one, from large hardware stores to small retailers,” Corné explains.

The driving force behind their success? A deep-rooted passion for innovation and sustainability. "We understand that the future of retail lies in independence, speed and convenience. That is why we started developing a first line of self-scan checkouts 13 years ago," says Corné. But Pan Oston looks further than just the product: sustainability has been central to their business operations for a few years, driven by the desire to contribute positively to the world and to provide customers with better services.

From idea to check-out

Pan Oston are not just developing payment systems; they are creating the future of retail. From design to prototype, and from there on to fully operational systems, the company supervises the entire process. ’“Our products must not only be innovative, but also sustainable. We look at the origination of our materials, the production processes and even how our systems are ultimately reused,” Corné emphasizes.

A major catalyst for Pan Oston's sustainability efforts was the introduction of new government regulations. “Due to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and other environmental legislation, we are forced and motivated to green our business operations and solutions,” says Corné. These rules require that companies report not only on their financial performance, but also on their impact on the environment and society. “It's not just about following the rules; the point is that we want to play a leading role in the industry by decreasing our ecological footprint. Moreover, this is in line with our customers who also want to be at the forefront.”

Partners for innovation

Pan Oston ensures that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. “Collaboration is crucial,” says Corné. “We work closely with our partners and customers to continuously improve our systems. The collaboration with Novel-T was a turning point. They supported us with our very first analysis to make our sustainability goals concrete and offered the necessary tools and a network to realize our ambitions. Because of Novel-T we continually think about the decreasation of our ecological footprint.”

Future full of possibilities

Corné sees opportunities in improving circularity and material use, especially in packaging and production, for a sustainable approach in the short term. For the long term, he emphasizes the role of AI and IoT in linking data to sustainability, opening up new doors for innovation. "The possibilities are endless; by continuously innovating, we respond to the changing world,” he states. His tips for other entrepreneurs? “Keep busy, keep adapting and constantly look around you. The route to success is constantly changing, especially with rapid technological developments. In short, go for it, and don't get discouraged by the challenges of change.”

"We want to play a leading role in the industry by decreasing our ecological footprint. Moreover, this joins in with our customers who also want to be at the forefront."

Corné van Braak

Innovation manager Pan Oston

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Pan Oston, located in the center of the Netherlands, has been a pioneer in the development and production of payment systems for decades. As market leader in the Netherlands and with a strong presence in the rest of Europe, Pan Oston continues to innovate to meet the changing needs of retailers in Europe. With a focus on sustainability and gradual progression, Pan Oston strives to improve the retail experience for both businesses and consumers.

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