An ecosystem with entrepreneurial mindset

Within the community, connections and tools for accelerating innovative business are always nearby. Because we don't like to let opportunities to make a real impact with innovations pass us by.


For more than forty years, we have been building a powerful network and system that offers entrepreneurs the ingredients to develop and innovate business at every stage. Think of finding capital, specialist knowledge, talent and the right connections. Characteristic of the Twente ecosystem is the entrepreneurial mindset. Our unique position, in the midst of knowledge institutions, governments and the business community, means that we can switch quickly to respond to opportunities.het bedrijfsleven maakt dat we snel kunnen schakelen om op kansen in te spelen.

Succesvol innoveren doe je niet alleen

Onze corporate partners

In order to have access to knowledge and connections in all phases of innovation and business development, we work together with various partners and alumni. They contribute their expertise and experience to our programs and events. You will also regularly meet our partners at our hotspots, such as at Incubase, the student incubator of the University of Twente.

Om in alle fases van innoveren en business development te kunnen beschikken over kennis en connecties, werken we samen met verschillende partners en alumni. Zij brengen hun expertise en ervaring in binnen onze programma’s en events. Je komt onze partners ook met regelmaat tegen op onze hotspots, zoals bij Incubase, de studenten incubator van de Universiteit Twente.

Content partners

Onze ecosysteem partners

Innovation clusters

We’re building clusters to accelerate technological innovation

Groundbreaking technology takes time to put into practice and build businesses. We are facilitating accelerated market development in the field of industrial robotization and AI, unmanned systems and medical technology. Here we join forces of researchers, entrepreneurs and talent to develop, test and successfully bring innovations to the market.

Access to finance

Are you looking for financing for your innovation? Then Novel-T is a good starting point. We help you make a good analysis, map out the options with you and offer the necessary support in finding the right financing sources.

All our support on finding funding

Access to talent

Are you looking for new and creative solutions? Deploy students to innovation issues or challenges within your company. We are happy to help you clarify your issue and match it to talent.

All our support on finding talent


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