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Do you have an innovation-related question?

Do you have an idea for a startup or innovation within your company? Would you like more information about financing, are you looking for a partnership, or a test site for your product? Don’t dream it, do it! Take the first step towards innovation by submitting your question to our specialists.

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We offer startups (New) and innovative entrepreneurs (Next) access to a dynamic ecosystem. By connecting entrepreneurship to high-tech innovation and employing our Novel-Tools, we help them to become game changers. 

New business

Today we see startups as the promise of tomorrow's economy. People are becoming much more aware of the importance of young businesses. Young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas are required to fill empty spaces in the business community.”

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Next business

“The world finds itself in an enormous transition phase with industrial and societal impact. Digitalization, robotics and technical improvement, changes the chains in the industry and is creating more possibilities at the product and process level. New industries are being opened up and new products and services are following each other with an increasing tempo.”

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Are we ready for the flood of innovations headed towards us?

Where is the pitfall or resistance which could prevent your innovation from becoming mainstream? We posed the question to international experts in September. The objective: to add ethical, legal and societal aspects to the well-known TRLs and BRLs for innovation.

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Are you a student with a business idea? Get your idea checked at Novel-T

You want to run a business and already have an idea. Then you will want to talk this through, of course, preferably with someone who is an expert at starting your own business. Ask Sven, Julian or one of the other junior business developers on our team. Just like you, they are students and they feel completely at home in the world of entrepreneurship.

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Upcoming events

Capital Tour XXL

25-09-2018 11:30

Finding an investor willing not only to invest money but add value to your startup is a serious challenge. That’s why Capital Tour Xclusive is providing access to its network to help connect startups with the right VCs and angel investors. On 25 September 2018 you can cycle to investors you find a match with via NetworkTables.

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Blockchain Technology Meetup Twente

27-09-2018 16:00

Do you want to learn more about the hot item Blockchain Technology? Do you want to discover the advantages as well as the dangers of it? Then find out all about this topic during our meetup!

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