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Together we change tomorrow's economy

We believe in changing tomorrow’s economy. We are shaping a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem that accelerates entrepreneurship and high-tech innovation. This drives the economy of the region by connecting and activating talent, knowledge, capital, networks and infrastructure. We are Novel-T.

Innovate and accelerate 

We offer startups (New) and innovative entrepreneurs (Next) access to a dynamic ecosystem. By connecting entrepreneurship to high-tech innovation and employing our Novel-Tools, we help them to become game changers. 

New business

Today we see startups as the promise of tomorrow's economy. People are becoming much more aware of the importance of young businesses. Young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas are required to fill empty spaces in the business community.”

Choose for a flying start

Next business

“The world finds itself in an enormous transition phase with industrial and societal impact. Digitalization, robotics and technical improvement, changes the chains in the industry and is creating more possibilities at the product and process level. New industries are being opened up and new products and services are following each other with an increasing tempo.”

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“Virtual reality in the manufacturing industry? Seeing is believing!" says Robbert Jan Kooij

"The hype is over. Virtual reality is a mature technology, which generates benefits for industry and SMEs for a modest investment," says Robbert Jan Kooij, business developer at the development company Oost NV. Within the Eastern Netherlands industrial ecosystem, gathered together in Novel-T, he is developing collaboration projects for the use of augmented and virtual reality.

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‘Create Tomorrow: pressure cooker full of good ideas’

Time was in short supply, the case was complex, and the program was full. However, with more than 1,000 students involved, there was no lack of enthusiasm. Create Tomorrow, the world’s largest think tank organized by the University of Twente, once again showed its applicability in the business world. Novel-T was there, and supported the students while they were developing and testing their ideas.

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Upcoming events

UT Challenge & Entrepreneurial Day

13-06-2017 10:30

The UT Challenge is a collaborative venture involving the University of Twente and over twenty leading companies and organizations in the Twente region. University of Twente students will be challenged to further develop their innovative idea, prototype, business plan or research project in partnership with organizations in the UT Challenge network.

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Student Startup Program: Wrap up

15-06-2017 16:00

To start your own business you’ll need mentors to help you take your idea or business to a next level. Join our free Student Startup Program and get help from our experts. This month we'll look at which networking opportunities you have.

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