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Do you have an innovation-related question?

Do you have an idea for a startup or innovation within your company? Would you like more information about financing, are you looking for a partnership, or a test site for your product? Don’t dream it, do it! Take the first step towards innovation by submitting your question to our specialists.

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We offer startups (New) and innovative entrepreneurs (Next) access to a dynamic ecosystem. By connecting entrepreneurship to high-tech innovation and employing our Novel-Tools, we help them to become game changers. 

New business

Today we see startups as the promise of tomorrow's economy. People are becoming much more aware of the importance of young businesses. Young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas are required to fill empty spaces in the business community.”

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Next business

“The world finds itself in an enormous transition phase with industrial and societal impact. Digitalization, robotics and technical improvement, changes the chains in the industry and is creating more possibilities at the product and process level. New industries are being opened up and new products and services are following each other with an increasing tempo.”

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Innovation requires leaders with vision, guts and the means to get going

To ensure future success, entrepreneurs will have to draw on a different source. It's common sense, really: try to keep the pace if you want to stay in the race.

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Student entrepreneur introduces amazing swimming trunks

Swimming trunks which change colour completely as soon as you jump into the water. Student Tom van Dieren carried out research for more than a year in order to develop this unique technique.

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Upcoming events

Session Cybersecurity

23-05-2018 15:00

How does your organization survive in this increasingly complex digital world? How far is your door open to cyber criminals? How do you ensure cohesion between people, organization and technology within a company? On May 23, we will organize an interactieve Cybersecurity Session where you will receive answers to such questions.

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Route Suc6

23-05-2018 18:30

On Wednesday May 23, a new edition of the Route Suc6 takes place in Enschede. Niels Verwij, founder of, will tell about his route to success.

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