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Are you a budding entrepreneur? That's what you're asking yourself. You're still discovering whether entrepreneurship is something that would suit you. That can be quite daunting, because where do you start? We have the answer and do nothing more than help you in your first steps.

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Is there a budding entrepreneur in you? We help you to get an answer to that question. Because whether you want to work on that genius idea of yours, or if you don't have an idea yet but would love to start a business: we will help you on your way. And we'll walk alongside you so you get the support you need.

Discover entrepreneurship with the Startup Workshop

Discover entrepreneurship with the Startup Workshop

Do you have an innovative idea and do you want to start a business? Or do you simply want to know what entrepreneurship entails? During our Startup Workshop you discover all the ins and outs of going from idea to startup - in just a single evening. Take the first step with our startup support during the workshop. 

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