Validate your business idea

The findings from your research hold great potential. But could it work as a business? And if so, with which business model? With our support, you discover the market opportunities of your research. 

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Our support to validate your business idea

Making sure your research is valid, is one thing. But can you translate your research to a solution that contributes to solving societal challenges, and validate that? Or in other words: could it work in the market? With our support we help you build a strong business case. 

Validate your business idea with the START Program

Validate your business idea with the START Program

Do you already have a business idea? Then the START Program is the perfect way for you to discover whether you should spend more time, money, and energy on it. The START Program is a free-of-charge validation program based on a pressure cooker. This means we'll put you on the fast track toward successful validation. We'll match you with a business coach, and you become part of our worldwide community. 

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