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Increased delivery reliability in the metal sector with real-time data


Frank Westervoorde founded Smart Factory in 2016 with the intention of increasing efficiency in the manufacturing industry, especially in the metal sector. Driven by a passion for technology, the company developed user-friendly software crucial for delivering machine parts on time. Their participation in Novel-T's Innovate GO program marks an important step in their mission to transform the conservative industry.

Driven by joy

Smart Factory's vision was clear: develop software that would help deliver machine parts on time to major players such as ASML and Philips. “Translating our technical expertise into a product that really makes a difference in practice was our biggest challenge,” says Frank. After years of development and adjustments, Smart Factory launched the software-driven app at the end of 2023 that extracts real-time data from CNC machines. “Our software works like a butler – an assistant that makes the work of planners and operators easier,” says Frank.

Get ahead with real-time data

Smart Factory's software addresses a critical problem in the manufacturing industry: increasing delivery reliability. The software is available in an app and works as traffic information during a route; it adjusts plans based on real-time data to increase delivery reliability. “This focus on real-time adjustments is crucial in an industry where every second counts - plus our software can easily be used for planning software or ERP,” explains Frank. Unlike competitors, their open API allows seamless integration with various production systems.

From technical expertise to a clear story

In October 2023, Frank joined Novel-T's Innovate GO. "You know exactly what you're talking about, but how do you, as a technician, express that to your target group? I learned that in the program," he shares. This focus on communication and market approach has helped Frank translate his technical knowledge into a story that resonates with his target group. Frank adds: “I am extremely grateful for the feedback and reflection they gave me.”

20,000 machines by 2030

In his vision for the future, Frank has big plans for Smart Factory. “We plan to create a platform that brings together different parties in the manufacturing industry. This will include not only our software but also other tools and services to improve efficiency and collaboration within the industry,” he explains. He also sees opportunities for the use of AI in decision-making. Frank: “This step towards AI integration is only part of our bigger vision. By 2030, we aim for an ambitious goal: 20,000 machines worldwide to use our software. This will not only be a milestone for Smart Factory but also mark a significant change in the manufacturing industry."

"You know exactly what you're talking about, but how do you, as a technician, express that to your target group?"

Frank Westervoorde

Founder Smart Factory

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Smart Factory

Smart Factory develops software for the manufacturing industry focusing on production planning and management, especially for the metal sector. Their systems provide real-time data and flexible scheduling options to maximize delivery reliability. Thanks to their open API, they easily integrate with various production systems, making them a valuable and versatile partner in the pursuit of production optimization.

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