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Transforming the landscape of customer service


In a world where customer service excellence is increasingly crucial, aiCall stands out as an innovative force. María Cobo Muñoz, a creative technology student and co-founder, works on this pioneering venture with four fellow students. A year after its creation, aiCall is reshaping how customer interactions are managed by introducing an AI tool to improve service quality. 

The genesis and need for aiCall

The journey began with a keen observation. "One year ago, my co-founder Jorge Davó Sáinz called Apple and noticed their phone system, whereby AI agents helped him. Their technology was in-house, but we thought: why not create something like it for other companies?" recalls María. The idea struck a chord with the team, an international group of students who had long hoped to start their venture after years of collaborative academic projects. 

The team identified two critical issues: small companies needing help consistently engaging with customers and larger organizations facing high costs and heavy workloads in customer service. aiCall is an efficient, cost-effective solution to these problems.

Text-to-speech technology

"aiCall is still in the early stages of development," María notes, highlighting the importance of idea validation before development. Their prototype, combining text-to-speech technology with OpenAI's innovations, is a concrete example of their work. "You can now call our test number and speak with an AI agent," she says, demonstrating their progress.

Accessibility and ease of use

The customers’ experience is of crucial importance. "Think about it: no more waiting lines, no more complicated menus, that is what customers want," María states. She also discusses the industry's move towards chatbots, which often neglects less digitally inclined groups like older people. "Our technology intends to include these important groups, not exclude them," she emphasizes, focusing on aiCall's commitment to accessibility and ease of use.

From Start Program to Slush Helsinki

Reflecting on aiCall's progress, María observes, "aiCall started a year ago, and much has happened since then." The team's participation in the Novel-T START and Advanced Program provided them with invaluable insights and recognition. Their achievements include winning the 'startup for ideation' category at the UT Challenge and claiming a wildcard for the 4TU Impact Challenge. "The past year has been filled with incredible opportunities, including our participation in the Dutch delegation to Slush Helsinki at the end of November," she adds enthusiastically.

Determination and vision

aiCall's future involves innovation, experimentation with various language models, and an eye toward expansion. "Our international team encourages us to explore beyond language barriers," María states. Yet, the immediate focus is on establishing the company. "Our first step is to register the company and get it operational. We've understood the utmost importance of commitment. It's a matter of going all-in: 'Go hard or go home, and we have decided to go hard’," she concludes firmly.

"Go hard or go home, and we have decided to go hard."

María Cobo Muñoz

Co-founder aiCall

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aiCall specializes in providing voice AI solutions to businesses, aiming to make these technologies accessible regardless of a company's technical capacity. The firm addresses the common challenge of costly and time-consuming customer service by offering voice AI agents as an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional call centers. aiCall aims to revolutionize business-customer interactions by making advanced voice AI tools widely available.

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