Meet Novel-T

We believe in changing tomorrow’s economy. We are shaping a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem that accelerates entrepreneurship and high-tech innovation. This drives the economy of the region by connecting and activating talent, knowledge, capital, networks and infrastructure. We are Novel-T.

Novel-T supported by founders

Our founders, the University of Twente, Saxion, the Enschede local authority, Regio Twente and the Province of Overijssel, provide a solid basis for Novel-T. We join forces and shape the future of Twente. Discover more about our founding partners and their roles in the ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Meet the Novel-Team

Have you met our Novel-Team yet? Let us introduce ourselves. Discover all about our enthusiastic business developers, financial specialists, project managers, marketing professionals and dedicated office managers. You can find us in the Gallery, our brick-and-mortar location, where we work together with starters, entrepreneurs, researchers and investors.

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Question about innovation?

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