We are Novel-T

Today, everything is possible. Thanks to high-tech innovation, there’s a world of new opportunities for groundbreaking services and revolutionary products. Novel-T is building an environment in which entrepreneurs can grab hold of those opportunities and become game changers. By connecting and activating talent, knowledge, capital, networks and infrastructure, we’re making the impossible possible.

Our job? We offer access to the right knowledge and connections with (inter)national networks of researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and talent. We support both start-ups and established entrepreneurs as they bring their high-tech innovations to life and make growth a reality. That’s how we’re encouraging innovation and creating new opportunities together.

We believe that innovative entrepreneurs and startups will define the economy of tomorrow and beyond. They’re the innovators, and together, we’re changing the economy of the future!

Our ambition

To become the best-performing ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, that's the ambition of Novel-T. We've set the bar high. Over the last few years, we've proven that we belong at the top, but we also know that the world is changing at lightning speed and other regions are making substantial investments. That's why we're expanding our existing ecosystem and bringing our combined strengths to bear with a strong brand and raised international profile, leading to even better visibility and recognisability. 

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Golden Circle

Why: We believe in changing tomorrow's economy

How: Continuously challenging the ecosystem and making new opportunities accessible. 

What: We are shaping a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem that accelerates entrepreneurship and high-tech innovation. This drives the economy of the region by connecting and activating talent, knowledge, capital, networks and infrastructure. 

Novel-T supported by founders

Our founders, the University of Twente, Saxion, the Enschede local authority, Regio Twente and the Province of Overijssel, provide a solid basis for Novel-T. We join forces and shape the future of Twente. Discover more about our founding partners and their roles in the ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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