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Do you need help on a challenge that you're stuck on? Have a student chip in. When you submit your assignment to Novel-T SMART, we ensure an air-tight question formulation and an appropriate assignment form: from internship to side job and from creathon to graduation research. We will then find a suitable student for you to do the assignment.

Access to Saxion en Universiteit Twente talent

Novel-T SMART forms a unique access point to the knowledge institutions in the region. After all, students can be much more to your company than just an intern or graduate. Behind the doors of colleges and universities lies a world of possibilities. And by using students smartly, you gain new insights and you can start with innovation. Such as a practical assignment, a part-time job or an internship or research. We help you formulate your innovation question, free of charge, and connect students from the University of Twente and Saxion to your organization.

Find your solutions and new business for your company

Perhaps your company needs this too, because standing still is going backwards. Even if you don't know exactly what your problem is right now. Let us know in which area you have a question and we will take you by the hand and guide you towards a solution. You will be helped by a professional team to find the core of the problem and formulate the question sharply. With the help of teachers from UT, SAXION and ROC van Twente, we will find a student to match on your challenge. 

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