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Innovation in accommodation rental


'Accomodatiehuur' was born from the friendship between Bas Heuvelmans and Jop Hofste. Bas, with his expertise in accountancy and tax law, and Jop, who specialized in technical information technology, joined forces to develop an advanced reservation system. An important milestone was reached in 2019, when they received the TOP loan. In the following years, the company experienced significant growth and recently transitioned to a new name: Aqqo. Their commitment to supporting organizations in booking sports and meeting accommodations remains unchanged.

From local project to B.V.

In 2011, Jop planted the first seed by developing a reservation system for a local sports club in Oldenzaal. This step, combined with Bas's vision, led to the claiming of several domain names, including - their former name. Bas remembers: "We saw the need among organizations for more overview and insight into their reservations, so we came up with a new system." Their first big break was in 2016, after participating in a trade fair. In 2018, they hired their first employees and founded a BV.

Innovation through integration

Aqqo is a user-friendly cloud reservation system that not only simplifies planning and invoicing but also integrates seamlessly with various management systems. Bas explains: "This means that our customer's customer can easily book a space or hall. All they need is a subscription to our platform." Jop adds: "Our largest customer group is municipalities. At their locations, we saw that volunteers were busy every day opening doors and arranging heating and lighting. With Aqqo, this need is much less, which means volunteers have more time." Through smart connections with other systems, Aqqo also makes it possible to use energy more sustainably.

Lessons from the TOP loan

Obtaining the TOP loan in 2019 was a milestone for Aqqo. “From that moment on, the ball really started rolling,” says Bas. “The lessons we learned from the pitch helped us well with subsequent tenders, and it was a confirmation of our corporate philosophy, in which employee satisfaction is central.” Jop adds: “We now consist of a team of 20. And what we are aware of every day is that our employees are our most important assets. That is why they have a say in the annual plans, we invest in their vitality, and we offer flexible working hours.”

Vision on social contribution

Aqqo actively focuses on international growth and social impact and thus sets the course for the future. “We now have more than 1,000 locations in our system,” says Bas. The goal is not only commercial expansion but also making a social contribution. Jop explains: "We want to help organizations such as municipalities make the rental of sports halls profitable."

"We want to help organizations such as municipalities make the rental of sports halls profitable."

Jop Hofste

Co-founder Aqqo

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Aqqo offers an integrated SaaS solution for the management of sports facilities, multifunctional spaces and meeting locations. The platform combines reservations, planning and invoicing in one user-friendly environment, supported by smart links with access control and energy management systems.

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