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Bridging the gap between musicians and aspiring musicians.


A common saying is that music brings people together. That is exactly what Matt Kazokas aims to do with Note-Bridge. By bridging the gap between musicians and aspiring musicians, he wants to enable everyone to learn to play an instrument and fill the world with the joy of music.

Note-Bridge is a platform where aspiring musicians can find affordable music lessons. “Not in the form of videos,” Matt ensures. “You’ll be connected with an experienced musician who is enthusiastic to teach you how to play. That way, you don’t have to invest in your own instrument or go to music school - which is both a huge financial commitment. It starts with taking the first step, which is to try the instrument. That’s easier when your first lesson is in a fun and engaging setting. An additional advantage is that Note-Bridge brings people together. I want people to connect, create, collaborate, and eventually form bands and do gigs. Music shouldn’t be elitist, it should be for everyone.”

Drumming lessons

Matt came up with the idea when he wanted to take drumming lessons. “Back in Lithuania, I never had the opportunity to learn to play an instrument,” he explains. “I didn’t even know I had a passion for music. When I came to the Netherlands, I wanted to take drumming lessons in the drum studio at Vrijhof. It took three weeks before I could get the introduction. Everything was going well, but after about three months, I didn’t know what to learn next. I decided to find a music teacher in Enschede, but the only thing I could find was a 45-minute lesson for 40 euros, which is really expensive, especially for a student. I figured I wasn’t the only one with this problem. When I discovered that the number of music schools in the Netherlands decreased tenfold since 2007, I knew something had to be done.”

Endorphins, creativity and challenges

It took Matt 4 more months and a trip to Thailand to decide to start Note-Bridge. Matt thinks about the potential impact regularly. Matt: “We live in a digital world, so much so that we miss out on personal connections. Imagine what could happen if people started making more music together. Of course, people get access to affordable music lessons, and musicians get to share their passion for a fee. But playing an instrument comes with so many benefits. It boosts endorphins, stimulates creativity, and challenges people. If that catches on, society could become happier and more innovative. Some things in the world are worth sharing, and music is one of them. We could disrupt the music industry and move from competition towards collaboration. It quite literally creates harmony.”

World peace

Harmony is also something that Matt found at Incubase. “As a CEO, I face many questions and problems on a daily basis, and I found many great coaches at Novel-T who are there for a helping hand. I like surrounding myself with hard-working people and sharing ideas, and that’s what the community at Incubase provides me with. It gives me a direction of where I want to go. In the end, I just want to help people and hope I can make an impact with music. In the long run, I want to do so all over the world, and who knows, maybe even create world peace with music. Wouldn’t that be nice? But to get there, I first need to expand my team. When we find a business developer and a marketeer girl who believe in the power of music as much as I do, Note-Bridge will go from good to amazing.

"Music shouldn’t be elitist, it should be for everyone."

Matt Kazokas

CEO Note-Bridge

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Note-Bridge is a platform where aspiring musicians can find affordable music lessons. By briding the gap between musicians and aspiring musicians, founder Matt Kazokas connects people through music.

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