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We are facing a monumental shortage of software developers while the workload continues to grow. How can we use developers' time more efficiently to enable more innovation for the 'wicked problems' of our time? With that question in mind, Tyrone Krieger developed a tool to make the lives of software developers easier: CodeGlass. Together with co-founders Lynn Weggemans and Terrence Bremmer, he talks about their startup. 

This story was previously published in the Next Icons Magazine. You can read the entire magazine here.

You have developed a tool to detect bugs. How does that work? With AI?

Tyrone: "Today, you would expect that, but no, our tool works without AI. After all, AI makes assumptions based on existing information. That's of no use with unique codes. Our tool shows the real situation. During my studies, I was looking for such a tool, convinced that it existed. But all sources argued that it was impossible to create such a tool. I saw that as a challenge, so I started developing it myself. It took me years before it worked and I often wanted to pull my hair out in the process. Eventually it worked. I tested it at a company where they had been working for 36 hours to fix a major bug. When our tool found it in 15 minutes, I knew I had something unique on my hands. The potential of this tool is too great to do it alone, so I brought in Lynn and Terrence."

Lynn: "What Tyrone has developed is really amazing. It's like a CAT scan for checking your software. The best part is that it works without using the source code. Today many developers can figure out approximately where the bug is, but CodeGlass shows at any time in real time which line is causing the crash. So you no longer have to look for a needle in a haystack or write even more code to patch up the problem." 

Sounds like a life saver for developers. Is that how you think of it? 

Terrence: "Absolutely. I am a developer in heart and soul. I know the frustration of spending 70% of the time on 'bug hunting' and documentation, rather than focusing on coding. Our tool solves that frustration. Imagine what that means for developers as a collective. This will give us more time to develop new innovations. In addition, many developers struggle with mental problems such as burnout, because the workload is very high and most of your time is spent not doing what you love. I also used CodeGlass for its own further development, and it was a real breath of fresh air. Our tool contributes to well-being as well as innovation." 

Lynn: "Our impact is also noticed by others. We are gaining name recognition and being approached by major parties. Our first customers came before we could even send invoices. We can do that now, and we are a real company with an office and employees. It's an incredible feeling to have the trust of our customers." 

Tyrone: "Most importantly, we can trust our product because it is truly unique. We are not afraid of copycats, because our tool is copyrighted and we have a head start of many years."

How are you going to maintain that lead in the future?

Terrence: "We have a lot of growth opportunities, in the long run also with AI. Most importantly, we focus on the people that we serve. By continuing to listen closely to our target audience, we can really make a difference for developers and stay ahead of the competition."

Tyrone: "And the impact goes beyond the well-being of developers. Every day, they create solutions for industries to improve them, but we forget about the developers themselves. By supporting them in their work, we can enable more innovation to solve the big problems of our time. After all, code is the basis of everything, from websites and apps to solar panel operating systems."

Lynn: "With our innovation, we support people and move the world forward."

"By supporting developers in their work, we can enable more innovation to solve the big problems of our time."

Tyrone Krieger

CEO CodeGlass

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CodeGlass developed a groundbreaking software development tool. Their mission is to provide software developers with the best tools. CodeGlass is designed to improve troubleshooting even in the most challenging scenarios where problems are difficult to reproduce or when there is a lack of documentation or developers. All this without the need to modify or access the source code.

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