Design a creative new (un)loading carpet rolls mechanism on trucks

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In the Netherlands 25-30 specialized trucks are active in transporting various sizes and weights of carpet rolls. Europe-wide the amount of trucks is estimated around eighty. Specialized devices are built on existing trucks about every three or four years. Verhoek Europe is one of the very few market players working in this specialized transport niche.

Loading carpet rolls goes rather well, using a forklift and build-on winch. However, the unloading process has been substandard for many years already,  leading to inefficient use. Also it places a lot of pressure and physical strain on the employees involved.

Drivers, as well as other craftsmen, often have to  'clamber, climb and pull' this heavy and substantially sized loads. Therefore Verhoek Europe would like a thorough analysis of the work process and  the activities and loads of the people and technical tools involved. After scanning  and weighing various technical solutions, a technical proof of concept could be developed of the best two or three ideas.

Also some vital technical principle could be tested in a prototype version of the device. The whole process will be executed in close collaboration with the technical  experts working at the Verhoek Europe company.


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