Multiple battery storage challenges

Innovate battery storage technology at Super B!


Super B is at the forefront of battery storage solutions. Our technology powers emission-free canal boats in Amsterdam and competes in the Dakar Rally with our condensed power solution. We're currently pioneering new Power Charging technology and electrifying vessels, RVs, and industrial machinery. Our Battery Management Systems (BMS) aren't off-the-shelf products; we work closely with our customers to push the boundaries of current technology. The BMS, a combination of advanced hardware and embedded software, manages energy flows, diagnostics, and communication, with new features developed daily. Our BMS is trusted by leading companies like Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Morelo.

Graduation Theses

  • Discharge of LFP cells: Dive into battery technology and design a circuit to measure leakage currents within LFP cells, including building a prototype.
  • Sustainable batteries: Explore the future of battery reuse and recycling with Super B. Propose a battery design fit for sustainable practices.
  • Buckboost BMS: Research and design a Buckboost System for our Battery Management System, exploring functional additions and building a proof of concept.


  • Investigating cell efficiency: Analyze statistical data on cell efficiency and capacity scaling. Discover underlying causes and contribute to advancements in battery technology.
  • Automating Test Cases: Enhance efficiency by automating our Test Cases in Python. Gain hands-on experience in software development while streamlining our testing process.

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