New Positioning and Media Strategy for Talent 45+

New Positioning and Media Strategy for Talent 45+ LEAD Job satisfaction and the application of accumulated expertise and work experience in a new environment. These are the main motivations for job-seeking individuals over 45 with a university (WO) or h


In the past five years, there have been significant changes in the job market, especially for older job seekers looking to give their careers a new direction, whether by choice or necessity. Has their need for support in finding a new job changed; have other factors become more important; how do they wish to be supported?

Background information

TalentPlus is an idealistic association of job-seeking professionals over 45 with HBO/WO level work and thinking capacity. The goal is to support these job-seeking professionals in finding suitable employment or starting their own business. Key principles are job satisfaction, customization, sustainability, and the renewed application of accumulated expertise and work experience.

TalentPlus has branches in eleven of the twelve provinces. Being a participant at TalentPlus involves a give and take: exchanging knowledge and information. This often includes leveraging the professional networks of its members.

Following the Corona period and developments in the job market, TalentPlus has seen a decline in membership. However, the quality of service remains high, as evidenced by the results of evaluations and exit interviews from successful job placements. TalentPlus aims to increase its membership to 1% of the total number of job seekers in their target group within a few years: about 300 members.


TalentPlus wants to increase its visibility. Not only by being more visible in (modern) media, but also by thoroughly reformulating its message and presenting it in a renewed way: Has the needs of the target group shifted? Is there a demand for (more) new forms of mediation? How do future members wish to be addressed? What do they expect from TalentPlus in terms of offered courses, personal coaching, and job application guidance?

The student researcher can use evaluation reports, exit interviews, and collected data to analyze trends in the service provision. Interviews with former 'members' and 'trial members,' employees, and other job mediation providers can also deepen the understanding and 'diagnosis' of the organization.


Are you a student researcher with a lot of empathy who can help renew the positioning of TalentPlus by conducting interviews, trend analyses, and bringing new insights in the field of job mediation? Then you can combine your research skills and communication knowledge in a challenging way at TalentPlus.

Your insights and recommendations will certainly be included in the future positioning, working methods, and media expressions of TalentPlus. The organization mainly consists of volunteers, so the recommendations must be feasible within a small but driven organization that aims to grow into a new, stable, and powerful Association.

Within the board of TalentPlus, expertise and guidance time is available to support your thesis, and they can put you in contact with experts in the field as well as members and employees who have gained experience with TalentPlus's approach.

This assignment can be well executed by a (master's) student in Communication Sciences or Behavioural Management and Social Sciences. You can start immediately if desired, but a later start date is also possible.


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