The creation of a drone flight guidance system

Do you want to assist in creating this unique application?


As advanced front-end and backend developers, you will build a system that allows drone operators to register their drones and request permission from drone pilots to fly. Sometimes, this may involve a simple theory exam, but in certain cases, special risk analysis forms may need to be filled out.

Project Description

Planning a flight should be as straightforward as possible. Simply specify which pilot with which drone wants to fly, when, and where (using a finger or mouse on a Maps map). The UTM system will then calculate whether the pilot is sufficiently trained and in which risk category the flight will take place. If everything is correct, the flight can be automatically requested from the ministry, and permission will be granted (or not).

From now on, the pilot can use the app version of the UTM application to fly the drone, and our system must monitor and record all movements of the drone. In a later version, the system may even allow the drone to fly automatically (non-autonomously).

After a flight, our UTM system must generate a report. Did the pilot adhere to the flight plan and legal rules? The pilot can then report this back to the client and the ministry.

Therefore, you have the freedom to apply what you have learned, along with your creativity, to create excellent products. We will provide the right guidance.

Job Requirements

  • You are proficient front-end and backend programmers.
  • Not intimidated by React-TS, GraphQL, MySQL, PHP, Python, and especially REST APIs.
  • Motivated to persist even when faced with challenges.
  • Structured in programming (not a tinkerer).
  • Able to collaborate according to a shared plan.
  • Communication skills, so:
    • Announce what you are going to do beforehand.
    • Report progress and ask for help in between.
    • Evaluate whether this part has succeeded afterward.


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