Design and develop a user interface that embodies Homemade’s values

We invite Interaction Technology students to join us for an enriching internship where you will dive into the core of user experience and interface design.


At Homemade, our vision is to change the way people order food around the world. Based in Enschede, our platform empowers those who love to cook from home, providing them with a marketplace to offer high-quality, affordable, and nutritious meals. Our commitment lies in championing a sustainable option for our customers, one that not only supports local chefs but also significantly shortens supply chains, reducing our environmental footprint. This initiative is part of our broader mission to ensure that every dish ordered is not just a meal, but a step towards a more sustainable and community-focused food ecosystem.

Problem Statement

In the age of technology, user interaction with digital platforms has become pivotal. Homemade's user interface is the gateway through which our community experiences our services. The platform's current interface requires enhancement to ensure it is not only intuitive and engaging but also inclusive and efficient. The challenge is to design and develop a user interface that embodies Homemade’s values and meets the high expectations of our users for a fluid and pleasant experience and constantly improves it.

Assignment Description

Your contribution will be critical in evolving our app and website to become more user-friendly and interactive, which in turn will foster a stronger bond between our platform, the chefs, and the food enthusiasts. As well as working on a new innovative gamified system that incentivizes people to be more active as while helping chefs get more orders for pickup.


  • Active enrollment in an Interaction Technology or related degree program.
  • Proficiency in UX/UI design software and prototyping tools (e.g., Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma).
  • A good eye for design and attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of user-centered design principles.
  • Familiarity with front-end development technologies for gamification is a plus
  • Strong communication skills to translate user needs into design solutions.
  • A passion for creating engaging user experiences.

What We Offer

  • A role where design meets technology and community engagement.
  • Guidance and mentorship from experienced UX/UI professionals.
  • A flexible work schedule, with remote working options available.
  • A collaborative atmosphere where your creative input is valued.
  • The opportunity to see your designs come to life and be used by a growing user base.
  • Practical experience in user interface design and user experience strategies.
  • Certification of internship completion and a strong reference based on your contributions.

Your Role and Responsibilities


  • Work closely with our development team to create user-centric design solutions.
  • Conduct user research and usability testing to inform design decisions.
  • Create prototypes, and high-fidelity designs for new features.
  • Analyze user feedback and iterate on design solutions to improve user satisfaction.
  • Ensure the design cohesiveness and brand consistency across all digital platforms.

Final Product:

Upon completion of your internship, you will have developed and implemented design improvements that align with Homemade’s brand and enhance user satisfaction.As well as have a key role in the front-end design of an amazing innovative system that will help change food delivery around the world. Your work will play a significant role in shaping the intuitive and engaging user interface of our platform, contributing directly to Homemade’s mission.

Homemade is eager to welcome an intern whose creativity and technological flair can revolutionize the way we connect people through food. We await your innovative solutions to help us craft an unparalleled digital experience in the sustainable food delivery industry.


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