Design and development of a real-time electromagnet controller for enhanced precision and efficiency

Would you like to innovate the surgical world by designing a electromagnet controller? Then this is something for you!


The realm of electrical engineering continually witnesses innovations that redefine the boundaries of technology. One such pivotal domain is the control of electromagnets in real-time applications. While off-the-shelf products offer a foundation, there's a growing need for tailored solutions that cater to specific requirements. This project aims to design and develop a real-time electromagnet controller, leveraging existing products while integrating a robust backend system to ensure unparalleled precision and efficiency in electromagnet operations.


The primary objective of this project is to design an advanced electromagnet controller that can operate in real-time, ensuring swift response times and high accuracy. By integrating off-the-shelf products with a custom backend system, the project seeks to offer a solution that combines the best of both worlds – the reliability of commercial products and the flexibility of tailored backend systems.


Upon the culmination of this project, the electrical engineer is expected to deliver:

  • A comprehensive electromagnet controller design that seamlessly integrates off-the-shelf products with a custom backend system.
  • A robust backend system that facilitates real-time operations, ensuring the electromagnet controller responds swiftly and accurately to commands.
  • Thorough testing protocols to validate the performance, reliability, and efficiency of the developed controller. This should include stress tests, precision assessments, and real-world application evaluations.
  • Detailed documentation capturing the design process, challenges encountered, solutions implemented, and recommendations for future iterations. This documentation should serve as a blueprint for subsequent developments or enhancements.
  • A working prototype of the electromagnet controller, demonstrating its capabilities in real-time applications and showcasing its advantages over traditional controllers.


The ideal candidate for this project should possess a solid foundation in electrical engineering, with a specific focus on electromagnet systems and real-time applications. Proficiency in integrating off-the-shelf products with custom solutions is essential. The candidate should exhibit expertise in designing and developing backend systems tailored for real-time operations. Additionally, problem-solving skills, a passion for innovation, and a meticulous approach to design and testing are desired attributes.


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