Investigate the possibilities of cooperation and help realize the transition to a circular economy

Do you want to help realize the transition to a circular economy?


The municipality of Tubbergen, Reverse Building, Renewi and De Beurs have joined forces and are developing ‘The Circular Craft Center of Twente under the name ‘De Rondgang’. De Rondgang thus becomes part of the business park in Tubbergen, aimed at circular economy and circular entrepreneurs.

At the moment Renewi executes waste processing, Omgekeerd Bouwen focusses on the reuse of used (building) materials, whereas De Beurs performs the collection and sale of goods and clothing. A good focus on cooperation between these companies already exists. However, too many products are still lost in the chain, which could be optimized through even further cooperation.

Are you investigating the mutual cooperation possibilities? What are the mutual interfaces and how can we make better use of it? And, can you discover which route the waste product has to take, so it retains its value best?


As an end result of your graduation assignment at Omgekeerd Bouwen, we aim for a report with recommendations and a strategic plan. The report will include the most promising collaboration opportunities between Renewi, Omgekeerd Bouwen and De Beurs, as well as the identified interfaces that can be better exploited. Further, a strategic plan will serve as a guideline for the Circular Craft Center of Twente, with focus on optimizing collaboration and value retention of products.


Kamphuis Demolition/Omgekeerd Bouwen is part of the Innovation Hub Tubbergen. The hub Tubbergen is a collaboration of four leading regional companies, including: Kamphuis Sloopwerken, Bouwmetaal, Loogisch and Loohuis Installation Techniques.


Do you want to help realize the transition to a circular economy? Let us know! How? You can do this by emailing your resume and motivation to project manager Maud Tijscholte of Innovation Hub Tubbergen. Questions, comments or just want to know more? Maud Tijscholte is happy to assist you!

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