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The innovation professionals at Novel-T like to get their teeth sunk into promising innovative business. Is your request better for one of our partners? Even then, we will help you find the best way.

About us

We believe in the power of innovation and the contribution it makes to a better and more sustainable society. We deliver our support independently and without profit, in assignment of our founders. Those are the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Province of Overijssel and the municipalities from Twente. What we do and why? Our CEO Jaap Beernink tells you all about it in the Next Icons 2022 magazine.


About us: Novel-T

Novel-T helps new businesses get off the ground and existing businesses innovate. That’s basically what this non-profit organization does. In reality, the support goes even further than that. We offer one on one support with our business developers, as well as top notch programs and support through our services. In addition, we offer entrepreneurs (to be) a direct line to knowledge, talent, capital, and networks of other market leaders. All of this can help with a successful market introduction. We offer support based on an assignment from our founders: the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, and the regional government.

Meet the Novel-T team

Meet our specialists who will help you with your next step. Can’t wait to work with us? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts!

Yvonne Kholmy – de Jong

Team lead SMART | Programs & Events

Niels Palmers

Project manager

Lars Prinsen

Project manager

Alinda Sportel

Team Assistant

Lisette Braker

Program & event coordinator

Marleen Pot

Program & event coordinator

Roy Kolkman

Manager Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Nico Nijenhuis

Business Developer & Managing director TTT Smart Industries

Esther Rodijk

Scout & Managing director TTT MedTech

Semme Moolenaar

Business Developer

Rogier de Haan

Business Developer

Niels Jansen

Patent advisor

Tim de Kraker

Business Developer

Bert Otter

Innovation Advisor

Jeroen Wevers

Innovation Advisor

Petra Deterink

Innovation Advisor / Director VMO

Guus Vrauwdeunt

Innovation Advisor

Yvonne Kholmy – de Jong

Team lead SMART | Programs & Events

Bas Olde Hampsink

Program manager

Egbert van Hattem

Research Consultant

Tim Jongman

Research consultant

Pam Huisintveld

Challenge Support Employee

Manon Meulmeester

Project leader

Dick Dekker

Student Advisor

Thijs Rietveld

Student Advisor

Jarno Meul

Student Advisor

Amina Bahla

Student Advisor

Robin Jonker

Student Advisor

Lea Milovich

Team Lead Business Development

Peter Langela

Business Developer

Emiel Pegge

Business Developer

Ron Eekels

Business Developer

Marike Boertien

Business developer

Jorieke Adolfsen

Business Developer

Martin Olde Weghuis

Business Developer

Hans Brouwers

Program Manager Germany

Birgit Dijkstra

Executive Assistant

Evelijne Ruijs

Secretary to the Board

My Nguyen

Business & Data Analyst

Bart Wagelaar

Business Controller

Hasan Deniz

Financial administrator

Angelique van Apeldoorn

Front Office Employee

Peter van Roosmalen

Legal Advisor

Albert-Jan de Croes

Investment specialist

Hidde Eidhof

Legal Advisor

Vincent Heutinck

Capital Expert

Frank Groot

Legal Advisor

Wesley Soyo

Legal Advisor

Heidi van den Bos

Campaign Marketeer

Isabelle Duteweerd

Campaign Marketeer

Vera Boertien

Content Specialist

Frank Huizing

Content Specialist

Manon Bijsterbosch

Campaign Marketeer innovation clusters

Thomas Baarspul

Growth Hacker

Monique Snippers

Project Coordinator

Remon van der Woude

Fund Manager

Join our team

We often have great job openings. Do you want to become a part of our Novel-T team? Check out our jobs page. Don’t see a job opening that tickles your fancy? Just contact us! Who knows, perhaps we could use your talent!

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Our founders

Together for the best results

The strength of the region lies in the achievement of innovation. Over the years, we have shown that we can develop ground-breaking innovations based on collaboration and a pioneering mentality. Therefore, our founders join forces in Novel-T to create an ecosystem that aims to take advantage of opportunities for a sustainable, innovative industry. Because innovative companies shape the future. The new knowledge developed by the University of Twente and Saxion leads to new spin-off companies. These companies are the employers of the future. In turn, companies produce challenges that engage researchers and students. Students turn their ideas into new start-ups that can conquer the world. In the end, by working together and putting innovation and entrepreneurship first, we help each other to achieve the best results.

Supervisory board

Tanja Lendzion

Tanja Lendzion

Raad van Toezicht
Ad Louter

Ad Louter

Raad van Toezicht
Joyce Berger-Roelvink

Joyce Berger-Roelvink

Raad van Toezicht

Our partners

Various partners are active within the regional innovation ecosystem. Do you want to join as a partner? Contact Cindy Marsman.


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