Two UT spin-offs awarded as ‘Innovator Under 35 Europe’

Tom Kamperman, founder of IamFluidics, and Rebecca Saive, co-founder of ETC Solar, have been awarded as ‘Innovator Under 35 Europe’ by MIT Technology Review.

Two UT spin-offs awarded as ‘Innovator Under 35 Europe’

Since 1999 MIT Technology Review recognizes the young innovators and most talented entrepreneurs from different countries who are developing new technologies to help solve the problems that affect our society nowadays with the list Innovators Under 35 Europe. For 2019, Tom Kamperman, founder of UT spin-off IamFluidics, and Rebecca Saive, co-founder of UT spin-off ETC Solar, have been awarded with this title, together with 33 other innovators all over Europe. A great honor for the researchers, University of Twente, and Novel-T.

23 December 2019

A total of 35 innovators all over Europe have been awarded with the title ‘Innovator Under 35 Europe’. Tom Kamperman is awarded in the category Pioneers and Rebecca Saive in the category Inventors. They have been selected by a judging committee of 116 specialists, from a pool of more than 1,000 candidates.

Tom Kamperman – IamFluidics

The ‘In-air microfluidics’ technology of spin-off IamFluidics allows quality microparticles to be manufactured at a large scale and 1,000 times faster than current methods. UT researchers Tom Kamperman and Claas Willem Visser discovered this new technology during a number of Friday afternoon experiments at the University of Twente. The Knowledge Transfer Office of University of Twente, housed at Novel-T, supports the spin-off, among others, with the patent application and business development advice.

Microfluidics work on the manipulation of liquids on a micrometre scale. This allows production of minuscule droplets and particles that form raw materials for multiple applications, such as medicines, cosmetics and chemical products. Special chips with liquid channels now take care of the production. Where such chips take almost 17 hours, with this new method it only takes a few minutes.

Rebecca Saive – ETC Solar

Sunlight is by far the largest energy resource on earth – freely available and in great abundance. Technologies that harvest and convert sunlight to electricity are on the brink of creating a revolutionary shift away from unsustainable fossil fuel resources. Break-through technologies are required to accelerate efficiency increases, and the light management strategies developed by Rebecca are exactly that.

Rebecca Saive is an Assistant Professor of Applied Physics at the University of Twente and co-founder and CTO of the Caltech and UT spin-off ETC Solar. Rebecca and her team invented a manufacturing method to increase the efficiency and decrease the cost of photovoltaic solar cells. Her effectively transparent contacts (ETCs) replace conventional front contacts, thereby eliminating all optical and electrical losses. ETCs are triangular cross-section micro-scale silver contacts that redirect light toward the active area of a solar cell rather than reflecting it. Attaining these high-performance ETCs is only possible through a novel printing process that Rebecca and her team invented.

University of Twente as Most entrepreneurial university of The Netherlands

Both spin-offs are great examples that contribute to why University of Twente has recently been awarded as ‘Most entrepreneurial University of The Netherlands’ for the fourth time in a row and also got the title ‘Best valorising University of The Netherlands’. This underlines the pioneering nature of the university and demonstrates the innovative power of the Twente system and the region. The Novel-T team provides researchers and students on behalf of the University of Twente with all the support and tools to bring groundbreaking research results and promising business cases to the market.

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