Twente in Top 3 'Most Innovative Region of the Netherlands'

Twente in Top 3 ‘Most Innovative Region of the Netherlands’

The Twente region has been nominated as ‘Most Innovative Region of the Netherlands’. During the prize ceremony of the Dutch Innovation Awards, on Tuesday October 31, the winner will be announced. The other nominated regions are Eindhoven and Noord Holland.

12 October 2017

Recognition for high tech Twente

The nomination is an acknowledgment that high tech Twente belongs to the Netherlands Top 3 when it comes to innovation. The region’s own distinctive innovation power and the unique cooperation between regional government, companies and knowledge institutions in East Netherlands play an important role.┬áNovel-T builds on this dynamic ecosystem by stimulating the connection between these parties.

The high tech region of the Netherlands

Twente is the high tech region of the Netherlands. Due to the interaction between entrepreneurship and the educational institutions University of Twente, Saxion and ROC, the High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM) sector has developed strongly in Twente. In addition, Smart City Enschede launching customer for innovations in health, social security and sustainability while at the same time living lab for trying out smart ideas in real life.

High tech hotspots

Twente has three high tech hotspots that are closely linked:

  • Kennispark Twente, the most complete and enterprising high-tech innovation campus. University of Twente, 430 innovative companies, groundbreaking research and a lot of facilities in one area.
  • Technology Base Twente is the testing ground for companies with a high level of innovation and space needs. In addition to being able to fly business at Twente Airport, the 3 kilometer runway and other test facilities offers space to develop and test new materials and production technologies.
  • High Tech Systems Park provides an attractive working environment and facilities for the modern employer and employee. Intensive collaboration is being done with open innovation in different fieldlabs.

Thales Netherlands in Top 3 ‘Most Innovative Companies’

In addition to the nomination of Twente, Thales Nederland (Hengelo ov) has been nominated as ‘Most Innovative Company’. The other nominations in this category are IBM Netherlands and VanBerlo BV. Thales Nederland is an international company specializing in designing and manufacturing high-tech electronics for defense and security applications, such as radar and communication systems.


The high tech Twente hotspot represents the region of East Netherlands (zip code 7000 – 7900) and is nominated for the price ‘Most Innovative Region of the Netherlands’ together with the Eindhoven and Noord-Holland regions. On Tuesday October 31, the winner will be announced during a celebration ceremony. The presentation of the evening is in the hands of AVROTROS presenter Art Rooijakkers.

The Innovation Monitor

‘The Innovation Monitor of Professor Henk Volberda’ – the annual research of Erasmus University – is used to select the winner. Previous research from 2015 shows that disruptive innovations above average are often realized in the Central / East Brabant region (Eindhoven region) and in the Eastern Netherlands region (Twente region). These two regions scored 9.8% and 7.3% respectively in 2015 on disruptive innovation relative to the national average. The Twente region is mainly characterized by cooperation and an entrepreneurial attitude. At the end of October we’ll know how our region scored the past year and whether we are the most innovative region of 2017.

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