TOP program for Twente-based startup 20Face

TOP program for Twente-based startup 20Face

The startup 20Face has been awarded a TOP program and one-year of coaching by the Novel-T team. The developer of the robust, accurate and lightweight face recognition technology can use this TOP program to make the technology available to the global market.

31 October 2018

Facial recognition for convenience and comfort

Whether you visit a football stadium, logs in on the treadmill in the fitness center, check in on your work or check out in the cafeteria, the 20Face algorithms can safely recognize you and give you access to these services. Even if you have a hat, scarf or sunglasses. With years of research expertise in the area of biometrics and facial recognition in the company, 20Face brings face recognition technology to the mainstream market. “Our software always works, with poor lighting, variations in pose, low image resolutions, and even if all you have is a partial glimpse of a face”, says CEO Peter Hoekstra.

A 20Face profile for everyone

Face recognition is one of the key enabling technologies of the future. “This is really a breakthrough with which we can make face recognition mainstream, because our technology is very scalable and we can make it available for hundreds of parties at low cost”, says Hoekstra. 20Face creates an encrypted recognition platform where photos are converted to facial vectors and are never stored where the use is at the helm. “The user determines what happens to the data. Like with whom you share your facial vectors, which applications you want to use and what you want to keep to the data. In this way, we offer a way out for the privacy dilemma that is rightly often mentioned in facial recognition.”

Development portal and e-commerce platform

The next step is to build a nice and accessible portal around the technology, in the usercases that they have. With the TOP program, they can develop the e-commerce platform and portal.

The TOP program

The TOP program is a (pre-)seed fund for innovative startups in Twente and has offered financial and business development support to innovative companies for over more than 25 years. Participating entrepreneurs have access to several forms of support during their TOP year, including legal advice, communication advice, networking and financial support.

The awarding takes place through a market scan for companies that aspire the TOP program. The market scan focuses on relevant market data (such as market size, trends, and competitors) and the businesses are assessed. This market scan then serves as input for the TOP committee, which is responsible for awarding the TOP positions.


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