These are the winners of the UT Challenge 2022!

These are the winners of the UT Challenge 2022!

Let’s look back on the Grand Finale of the UT Challenge 2022. And discover their ambitious, innovative ideas, prototypes and startups yourself.

Author: Isabelle Duteweerd 30 June 2022

After 3 months, 2 events and 5 workshops, the final moment of the 2022 UT Challenge was there. On June 16th, the innovation contest ‘Entrepreneurial UT Challenge’ took place at Kinepolis, Enschede. And we’re still buzzing from all the energy and admirable innovations in the room that day. From the 91 projects at the Kick Off, 20 finalists remained to pitch their projects in front of a live audience of 500 people. An exciting day for all the finalists. Let’s have a closer look at the, not one but eight, winners.

UT Challenge 2022 winners

The awards were decided by the juries, specialized in the categories of the award. With a total of €25,000 prize money! The category winners of the UT Entrepreneurial Challenge Grand Finale are:

Ideation category: ExoMembra – €3.000
ExoMembra wants to innovate the working space. Their idea is to achieve this by engineering an exoskeleton with a very high strength to weight ratio, compact powering, intuitive/transparent control. And most importantly, a humanizing feel.

Prototyping category: Sonomag – €4.000
Treating cancerous tumors inside the body can be as tricky as finding a needle in a haystack, that too in the middle of a labyrinth. SonoMag presents a system that harnesses energy from magnetic and acoustic fields to remotely manipulate therapeutic drugs as small as the thickness of your hair strand. It reduces the risks to other organs, and the overall health of the patient. The system employs complimentary physical principles to existing clinical standards and has been tested as a proof of concept in a laboratory setting.

Startup category: Inspectigence B.V. – €5.000
Can you imagine driving on a road that does not have any markings on it? Municipalities currently pay contractors to find defective markings by visual inspection. Inspectigence B.V. proposed a phone application that lets users record their driving and share it with us. By using this data, they developed an automated, cheap, repeatable, and scalable inspection system that exploits computer vision and deep learning to detect the defected markings in 140,000 km of road in the Netherlands.

Audience Award

As everyone in the audience could vote for their favorite finalist, with MakeDnD receiving the most votes and thus the ‘Audience Award’ worth €1.500. This startup wants to create a platform by connecting three stakeholders: consumers, designers and producers. Designers can upload their 3D models, customers can order (or request) a product from the website, and producers (professional 3D printing companies) will print the model.

4TU.Federation Impact Final wildcards at Slush Helsinki

Managescape, a consulting management tool designed to help managers in making their choices objectively when assigning employees to project teams, won one of the wildcards for the 4TU.Federation Impact Challenge Finale at Slush Helsinki. With an impressive pitch, the two female entrepreneurs knew exactly how to leave a strong impression behind for the jury. But it also caught the attention of ASML, which led to winning the ASML Makers Award.

But they weren’t the only ones winning a ticket to the 4TU.Federation Impact Challenge Finale at Slush Helsinki. The startup SAVR B.V. got their hands on a wildcard as well. While they had just won the Creative Mules Full Scale Branding Package Award. SAVR is a virtual reality platform that focuses on safety training. Their goal is to become the global platform for safety training in virtual reality. Through training, users can train place and time independently and experience lifelike simulations that are cheaper and more scalable.

Last but definitely not least

The Creative Mules Design Package Award went to Homemade NL – a platform that connects people who love to cook from home to people that want to buy their delicious, more sustainable and affordable homemade food.

Ignite won the Shell Energy Transition Award for wanting to ignite the spark in EV mobility. As Ignite believes in a wireless and contactless future. Their platform requires no physical hardware to convert any charger into a smart one. They let the car do the talking. By opening their app, you can find the cheapest charger around you, reserve it and simply plug it in. Payment is done per KW charged and after the charging took place.

Preparation of the UT Challenge

The UT Entrepreneurial Challenge is an innovation and entrepreneurial competition, aimed at all students of the University of Twente. During this competition, they worked on their project in close collaboration with organizations and companies. With the help of coaching from business partners, workshops ranging from business plan to pitch, and an online speed date event by Novel-T, the students took their idea, prototype or start-up to a higher level.

That’s a wrap for the UT Entrepreneurial Challenge 2022. A massive congratulations to all the winners! We already look forward to the next edition. We might see the current winners back in a higher category!


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