Software for simulating friction, lubrication and wear in production processes.

"In addition to the TOP ascription, we also received a lot of legal and financial support."
Jan Harmen Wiebenga


Jan Harmen Wiebenga started the company TriboForm together with his colleague Johan Hol in 2013 during their doctoral research at the University of Twente. The Enschedese startup developed software  that simulates friction, lubrication and the wear and tear during the production of car parts. This software calculates the risk of breakage and wave formation of steel or aluminium such as when pressing car doors and mudguards. This makes expensive and time-consuming practical tests unnecessary. The car industry in the Netherlands is small, so they have quickly taken the step across the border.

The goal of TriboForm was to find a way to grow internationally quickly. While they were orientated on the international market through the SIB program, they received a takeover bid from AutoForm, the market leader in simulation software for the automotive industry. “With offices worldwide, this acquisition gives us direct access to a range of countries.” We take part in the success of AutoForm, but still have to sell our module ourselves. ”

@ Novel-T

TriboForm received a TOP regulation from Novel-T. “In addition to the TOP ascription, we also received a lot of legal and financial support in the initial period,” says Jan Harmen.

"The goal of Aryzon is to make augmented reality accessible to everyone. AR via your mailbox. Affordable, easy to use and with a wealth of possibilities."
Leon Schipper
"Our software recognizes the identity of people under bad or disguised circumstances, variations in poses, small image resolutions and even when a small part or a glimpse of a face is seen".
Tauseef Ali
CTO 20Face
"Where such chips take almost 17 hours, with our new method in just a few minutes. A disruptive technology in a market that is still under development."
Tom Kamperman
"Colleagues often do not know where the challenges and opportunities lie. We make crosslinks that innovation management softwares cannot create. That is our unique strength."
René Hol
Mobina IT
"I developed the technology for injecting without needles as part of a scientific project, but never had the time to develop the idea further."
David Fernandez Rivas
"Even if SEA'SONS swimwear is a success, I do want to finish my studies. I find it tremendously motivating that Saxion gives me the opportunity to combine study and entrepreneurship."
Tom van Dieren
"We want to develop an innovative molecular diagnostic tool able to perform multiple tests, detecting an array of pathogens in just one go. Our patented molecular beacon technology lies at the basis of this approach."
Han Zendman
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