Software as a service for staffing and payrolling.

“The story of our success? We focused on one sector at the right time, are quick to follow trends and are always honest with our clients. As a result, we have realised stable growth over the past years and became a market leader.”
Martin Schievink
Director Akyla

“This is a great reward in our anniversary year,” says founder Martin Schievink about winning the University of Twente’s Van den Kroonenberg Award in June of 2019. Together with fellow student Bart van Borssum Waalkes, he founded the software company Akyla while studying Computer Science. “We had some spare time during our second year and were taking a practical course on entrepreneurship. We had our first assignment after just one week.”

Specialisation is the key to growth

“In 2010, we decided to focus entirely on staffing and payrolling agencies. Using our in-depth knowledge of the sector, we completely redesigned our platform from scratch. Today, we have a team of twenty-five people working on two products, e-UUR and Xplican,” says Martin about Akyla’s turning point. The company grew from a software developer that provided custom solutions into a market leader in portals and apps for the staffing sector. “With our portal and apps, our clients can efficiently register their staffing employees’ hours, expenses and leave. Xplican clears up the various collective labour agreements and makes time registration easier. By focusing all our capacity on these two products, we can respond quickly to the latest trends and stay ahead of our competition.”

Challenging growth

“As you grow, you face new challenges,” Martin continues. “That is why I am so intrigued by Novel-T’s Growth Program. After all, we are not the first company of twenty-five employees that is eager to grow.” Of the program’s four themes, Martin is particularly interested in Execution. “During your organisation’s growth, you encounter operational challenges, e.g. how to handle project management or structure your service desk. You want to achieve reproducible results. I look forward to the benchmarks and best practices that will come out of the program.”


Novel-T’s Growth Program is a coaching program for fast-growing businesses. “With Growth, we offer entrepreneurs like Martin Schievink precisely those elements that they need most during this phase of their entrepreneurial career. They can learn from top-level experts and interact with other entrepreneurs whose businesses are in the same stage of development. The Growth program helps business owners focus their efforts with regard to the main themes of strategy, execution, team and funding. During this phase, making the right choices here is crucial to a company’s sustained growth.”

Is your business growing? Perhaps the Growth Program is right for you. Take a look at the video in which Akyla receives a ticket to the Growth Program.

If you want to know more about Akyla, go to the website of Akyla.



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