A student with a business idea? Check your idea at Novel-T!

Start with your business plan.

A student with a business idea? Check your idea at Novel-T!

You want to run a business and already have an idea. Or maybe your research has resulted in a cool business concept. Then you will want to talk this through, of course, preferably with someone who is an expert at starting your own business. Ask Lars, Rens, or one of the junior business developers of the team. They feel entirely at home in the world of entrepreneurship.

7 January 2021

Lars Prinsen immediately emphasizes that Novel-T’s support is free and that you can apply alone or with a team. “We noticed that some students do not come to us because they are afraid our services cost a lot of money. That is a shame because we offer free support to help with your business idea.” Rens Dommerholt, who also works at Novel-T, adds: “If you want to experience entrepreneurship, you can sign up for our half-day Bootcamp. Do you already have an idea? Then we can check if you fit into our START Program.” The conditions? Make sure to go all-in.

Start during your study

“You can resit a test, but not a business idea,” tells Rens. He adds, “Your study time is the moment to test ideas. Once you work for a boss, and for example, have to pay a mortgage, you will be less likely to take a risk.” Besides, Novel-T opens its programs to all kinds of students, from The University of Twente, Saxion, and other colleges and universities. Further, the programs occur in the evenings, so you don’t have to choose between your lecture or learning about entrepreneurship at Novel-T.

Part of the community

“I like to listen to new ideas, but if you have a concrete idea, then you have an advantage. A good business idea is what it’s all about,” says Lars. He adds: “It’s okay if your idea doesn’t work out because you can always use our network. You become part of the community the moment you start.” Rens adds: “When your validation has (already) been completed, you will come into contact with me, and we will look at your next steps. For example, you can enter the ADVANCED Program to make your company “mature.”

Learn from our entrepreneurs

Lars and Rens themselves do not have all the answers, but the various experts at Novel-T – who often have a business themselves – can give you helpful tools. “One tip, try to collect as much feedback as possible from the Novel-T experts and experienced entrepreneurs. Because family and friends will not always give you the feedback you need,” adds Lars.

Where to find us

“You can always reach us by phone or mail, or send a message via Slack.” Says Lars. At the moment, both Lars and Rens work from home, but you usually can find them – and the rest of the team – at Incubase. This is in the Bastille building at the campus of the University of Twente. Incubase is a co-working space of Student Union, The University of Twente, and Novel-T. Here startups can work on their ideas. “If you are interested in a spot, you can sign up via the Incubase website. From here on, our colleague Niels Palmers will contact you. Says Rens. Moreover, you can also reach the junior business developers Charlotte van Veen and Jacco Reuling if you have any questions.

Have you become enthusiastic and ready to start doing business? Sign up now for our Bootcamp or register for the START program.

We can help you with your business idea!

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