Student with a business idea? Come by at Novel-T

Start with your business idea!

Student with a business idea? Come by at Novel-T

You want to run a business and already have an idea. Or maybe your research has resulted in a cool business concept. Then you will want to talk this through, of course, preferably with someone who is an expert at starting your own business. Ask Sven, Julian or one of the other junior business developers on our team. Just like you, they are students and they feel completely at home in the world of entrepreneurship.

2 October 2018

Julian Sotscheck immediately emphasizes that the support of Novel-T is free. “We noticed that many students do not come to us because they are afraid of a big bill. That is a great pity, because they miss out on valuable support.” Sven Degener, who, like Julian, is an International Business Administration student, adds: “Feedback on your idea, legal advice or participation in the START-Programme to turn your idea into a business plan, at Novel-T all this is offered free of charge and without obligation.”

Where can you find the junior business developers?

“On campus, in the library, at events or in the sports canteen. You will find us wherever there are students,” Julian explains. “Coincidentally, Sven and I both study Business Administration, but there are also Technical Medicine and Industrial Engineering students in our team. If you see us anywhere, come and talk to us. You really do not have to have a well thought-out business plan. Talk through your idea, tell us what you need and together we will see what the next steps are. ”

Join the Novel-T START Program

In addition to advice and events, Novel-T also offers the START Program for enterprising students. This will offer opportunities to help you transform your idea into a real company. “Every last Monday of the month you can pitch your idea during a drop-in session. Together we will look at your follow-up steps in the START-Program”, explains Sven. “What’s more, we tailor the content to questions from participants. For example, if you want to know more about financial planning, we will put on a workshop about it.” You can register for the program here. Or come along on the last Monday of the month to a drop-in session and pitch your idea.

Questioning and listening

‘Be slow to speak and eager to listen’ is the motto of the junior business developers. Sven ex-plains: “We do not take you by the hand to set up your startup, but we do ask you questions to make you think. If you tell us you need capital, then we will enquire further so we can discover the real question. Maybe you are better off with more team members and we know just the right people.”

Just do it

Julian and Sven believe your student days are the ideal time to start a business. “You have few obligations and can free up time for your company. And with all the support offered by Novel-T, this is the ideal environment to start a business,” says Julian. He is actually developing an innovative digital flip chart through his own startup. Together with fellow students, Sven is building a digital platform that maps out the entire ecosystem for entrepreneurship. “Whether it will be a success, we do not know yet”, Sven laughs. “But at least we tried'”.

Step into our network

The international student team is supervised by Mike Verkouter, who is an experienced start-up ambassador at Novel-T. “It happens while having a beer with friends in a beer garden or while you are working on a project for your studies. You get an idea that you know you have to do some-thing with. But how do you take that next step? The network of Novel-T, our shared ecosystem, offers new entrepreneurs enormous opportunities for finding the right expertise, suitable technology or an interesting partner. The eight junior business developers know their way around this network and help enterprising students with their startup.”

What can we help you with?

  • Examining your business idea
  • Increasing your network
  • Finding business partners or team members
  • Advice on the next step for your company
  • Workshops and programmes to increase your entrepreneurial skills
  • Legal advice, for example about the legal form for your company
  • Finance for startups
  • Protecting your idea or invention (applying for and managing patents)

‘Every great idea starts with a coffee’

You can find us at The Gallery at on the UT campus, at Saxion Centre for Entrepreneurship at Ariënsplein in Enschede or on Linkedin via Sven Magnus Degener and Julian Sotscheck. Feel free to come and talk to us or send us a message. We would like to meet for a coffee and brainstorm your business idea.


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