SMART side job: Storytelling of innovative high-tech startups in Twente

SMART side job: Storytelling of innovative high-tech startups in Twente

We are looking for a student researcher who can interview the CEOs of eight companies and who can present qualitative and quantitative results into a coherent story.

Background information

Twente is known as a successful startup region. The University of Twente has a leading national reputation as an “entrepreneurial university”. Hundreds of spin-offs have managed to secure a permanent place in the market in recent decades.

Every company has its own story. How did they come to fruition? Which success and failure factors do the companies themselves indicate? How did they benefit from the support instruments that were offered: government grants, expertise development, financial support from founders and banks, advice on entrepreneurial decisions, etc.?

Innovation economist Mariana Mazzucato describes in her work the sometimes surprising role that the government can play as an innovator and driver. Knowledge institutions and other support services (such as Novel-T) can also play a decisive role in the creation, growth and growth of companies. In a well-organized but systematic, qualitative study, Novel-T wants to hear first-hand how startups have benefited over time from support tools. The experienced bottlenecks and suggested improvement points are also important for future policy.


Two lines are central to this study.

  1. What is the “support history” of eight companies in Twente that have developed into a stable market player as a technological startup? This includes financial support instruments as well as expertise support and strategic advice.
  2. A (semi) structured interview is conducted at these companies to find out how they have experienced these instruments and what (decisive?) Role they have played in the further development of the company.

Side job

We are looking for a student researcher with a good sense of innovation economy and who can interview the CEOs of eight companies with vision and a strong personality. He/she is also able to present the qualitative and quantitative results into a coherent story.

An attractive budget is available for this assignment. The student researcher will be guided by a subject matter expert with whom he / she can spar for a number of hours: in the analysis of the support instruments; drawing up an interview list; and when processing the results.


Contact Egbert van Hattem via the details below.

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Egbert van Hattem
Egbert van Hattem
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Egbert van Hattem

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