Recognize the start and end of a breath cycle

Develop a detection algorithm for lung cycles based on audio recordings of lung sounds.

Recognize the start and end of a breath cycle

RB Medical Technologies is looking for a student/project group for the development of a “lung cycles detection algorithm”. This algorithm is essential for the innovative stethoscope that RBMT is working on. The startpoint is a series of publications of such algorithms. The question to be answered is, if these algorithm can serve as basis for an application that RBMT is willing to develop.

Background information

RB Medical Technologies is a young MedTech startup, connected to the University of Twente via Novel-T. The company is determined to improve the healthcare in the Netherlands/Europa by improving efficiency via smart applications. At this moment, the startup is innovation the traditional stethoscope via a smart tool. This tool will guide GPs in diagnosing lung diseases from a patient. This guidance will cause that less misdiagnosis will be made by GPs.

At this moment, the company is developing a Minimal Value Product together with GPs.

Assignment description

The innovation of RB Medical Technologies will make diagnosis based on recorded sounds by a stethoscope device. For analysis of lung sounds it is vital to distinguish breathcycles in the recordings. Cycles are defined as a single inspiration and expiration.

The development of a fast, robust and automatic algorithm is crucial. The student/project-team is challenged to develop an algorithm using an existing database of audio-lung-recordings to develop an algorithm that can unambiguously distinguish lung-cycles.

De uiteindelijke innovatie van RB Medical Technology maakt een diagnose op basis van opgenomen geluiden door een stethoscoop device. Voor de analyse van longgeluiden is het belangrijk dat er onderscheid wordt gemaakt tussen cycli in de opnamen. De cycli zijn gedefinieerd als in- en uitademing.

Recommended study program

Biomedical Engineering / Technische natuurkunde

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Sustainable development goals

3, 10

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