Design a platform to make the health care system more efficient

Do you want to make a secure software platform to make the health care system more efficient? Then this is the challenge for you!

Design a platform to make the health care system more efficient

Genezers B.V. is a company working on a platform to improve today’s health care system. By giving the patient access to their medical records, they can help the health care providers. The platform will be for personalized health care with the power in the patient’s hand.

Background Information

Genezers B.V. is a company looking to make the health care world more efficient. They do this by creating a secured software platform that can be used to send information from the patient to the health care provider. Having such a platform opens possibilities in the health care sector. Doctors would be able to stay at their office and help more clients during the day than when they need to visit them. To make this a success, Genezers B.V. needs your help.

Problem (Ambition) Description

The challenge within the assignment is to create a platform from which personalized health records can be exchanged securely between the patient and other health care providers.

Assignment Description

The assignment is to create an interface for the mobile app. This app is based on Blockchain technology and will be used to help health care providers become more efficient. This will be done by having the patient securely send medical records. During the assignment, you will look at competitors and conduct customer research on the app’s usability. This information will then be used to create a prototype user interface, which can be developed and programmed after user tests.

Recommended Study Program

Biomedical Engineering, Technical Computer Science, Industrial Design Engineering, Creative Technology

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Starting Date

As soon as possible

Sustainable Development Goals

Health and wellness.

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