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Sustainable 3D prints for foot specialists

Bachelor WO Graduation at

Leading Foot Technology (LFT) offers foot specialists a complete solution to put together the best insoles and orthopedic supplements. They do this by modelling and manufacturing the insoles using CAD/CAM techniques. Currently LFT is looking into ways to become more sustainable. That is why they are looking into 3D filaments for a possible extra production method.

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Design a platform to make the health care system more efficient

Bachelor WO HBO Graduation at Genezers B.V.

Genezers B.V. is a company working on a platform to improve today’s health care system. By giving the patient access to their medical records, they can help the health care providers. The platform will be for personalized health care with the power in the patient’s hand.

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Lowering the needed energy during longer flight times for drones

Bachelor WO Graduation at DroneTeam Twente

DroneTeam Twente has the goal to accelerate drone innovation by building drones for emergency medical aid. Currently, drones are flying using one type of battery that delivers a specific type of power. However, when a drone takes off it needs more power than when it is flying through the air. The question for you is to design a system for a drone that can switch between two batteries during flight.

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A new biocompatible adhesive offers a better quality of life for many

WO Graduation at Tandartsen uit Den Haag

Every day hundreds of thousands of people, mainly elderly, are burdened by loose fitting, and therefore malfunctioning mouth prostheses. This often results in digestive problems. Therefore, it is highly desirable when a better adhesive is developed and, in addition to that, a feasible usage procedure of removing the adhesive from the prosthesis and the jaws in an easy to use, clear and above all hygienic way.

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Technology forecasting for the automation of food forests

Bachelor WO HBO Graduation at Voedselbos

It takes a couple of years before food forests start producing products. Nevertheless, for the harvest, processing and sales of the food forest on a larger scale, the need for the right technology increases. To increase the commercial attractiveness of the exploitation of food forests, whilst increasing the amount of food forests in the Netherlands, automation of the different processes could be the solution.

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Conduct research on how the National Police becomes a learning organisation

Graduation at Nationale Politie

Help the National Police with conducting research on how they can become a learning organization, with help from the new attending service.

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Developing a business intelligence dashboard for Senz Interim

Bachelor WO Graduation at Senz Interim

Senz Interim has been creating balance within organizations between employees, processes, and systems for over 6 years. The success of Senz Interim consists of the fundamental use of knowledge and experience within educational institutions. They use creative ideas, relevant views and opinions, and clear convictions to build bridges that help realize ambitions. And they need you to help design their new business intelligence product.

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