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TOP Program

Give your business a boost with the TOP Program.

TOP Program

The TOP program is a (pre-)seed fund for innovative startups in Twente. For a period of one year, it offers comprehensive support to businesses in the form of legal advice, communication advice, access to networks and interest-free loans. For more than twenty-five years, the TOP program has been offering financial support and assistance with business development to hundreds of innovative organizations.

TOP Program

The TOP program is there for all innovative starting and growing organizations in Twente who (want to) collaborate with the University of Twente and/or Saxion. In order to apply for a position in the program, a number of conditions have to be met:

  • The business is no older than five years and has or will have a Chamber of Commerce registration;
  • It has an innovative and/or knowledge-intensive business case;
  • The business has not applied for and been granted a TOP position in the past;
  • The business demonstrably contributes to the economic development of the East Netherlands region;
  • The business and the University of Twente and/or Saxion currently collaborate or intend to do so in the future.

Entrepreneurs who manage to acquire a TOP position will receive support in the following forms:

  • Support from coaches with developing the business plan;
  • Professional market scan that offers valuable insights;
  • A loan of up to €40,000 with excellent terms, including zero interest and no repayment during the first two years. Mazars Accountants will help you set up a proper financial administration in order to successfully acquire this loan;
  • Coaching and advice pertaining to legal matters, including corporate law;
  • Support from IP specialists with matters pertaining to protecting your idea or invention;
  • Support and advice pertaining to marketing and communication;
  • Support with finding knowledge-intensive support for a product or service from the University of Twente and/or Saxion;
  • Business coaching;
  • The option to use Novel-T’s offices and meeting rooms;
  • Access to relevant top-quality networks;
  • A one-year membership to Technologie Kring Twente.

Countless businesses have acquired a TOP position in the past. The TOP support has helped many of these companies realize impressive growth. We monitor these results periodically. The TOP information website contains an overview of the success rates.

For more information, e.g. about the applicable terms and conditions and access to the TOP program, go to the TOP information website.

Meet our Fund Manager

Remon van der Woude
Remon van der Woude
Fund Manager
Remon van der Woude

Starting, growing and the technical realisation of innovative business ideas often comes in handy with access to capital. Are you on the hunt for financial support for your innovation? Do not hesitate to contact me. Over a coffee I will help you sorting out your way to funding.

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