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Boost your knowledge at the Novel-T Academy.

Novel-T Academy

At Novel-T we have tons of knowledge with which we want to inspire you. That’s why there’s the Novel-T Academy. This is the place to be for webinars, workshops, masterclasses and more when it comes to entrepreneurship. Whether you want to know how to discover the next best thing, or if you want to know how you can keep innovating your existing business: we’ve got it covered.

Broaden your knowledge

At Novel-T Academy we’ll transform you into an expert when it comes to entrepreneurship. In different learning formats you’ll dive deep into different topics, all so you can apply this new knowledge in your own company. At Novel-T Academy you can join masterclasses, webinars, workshops and challenges. The knowlegde of Novel-T Academy is accessible to everyone.


During a series of masterclasses you will focus on every aspect of a certain topic. Every series has a different theme: from learning how to run a business to finding funds for your company. After the masterclasses our business developers are available for a conversation. You will get the opportunity to get in touch with them for advice, feedback, inspiration, or just to go over some ideas. After you’ve had the opportunity to talk to the business developers, you will be able to network and have inspiring conversations with the other participants while enjoying a drink.


In a webinar an expert will talk about a certain topic. This topic differs from time to time: sometimes it’s about a useful skill, the next time you can get inspired by information about a new technological trend which might be interesting for your company. Whenever we want to into depth about a certain topic, we’ll offer the webinar as a series. Naturally, you’ll always be able to pick which webinars from the series you would like to follow.


Information on a certain topic is fine and dandy, but how do you apply it to the real world? In the different workshops from Novel-T Academy we not only offer you the knowledge, but also the tools to get to work when it comes to that one new trend or that important development in your industry.


Do you want to get your hands dirty and work on a solution for a question from a company? We’re always on the lookout for startups, innovative SME-entrepreneurs and governments with new solutions for diverse cases from us and our partners. Check out the challenges and join in!


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We are supporting students, startups en scale-ups and to strengthen the innovative power of the regional SME and large companies. Successful innovation starts with us. Do you have a question, an idea or do you want to work together? Let us know!

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