Legal Advice Desk

Legal advice for starting and innovative entrepreneurs.

Legal Advice Desk

When setting up your own business or developing an innovative product, you encounter myriad legal issues. Which legal form is best suited for your organisation? How can you protect your knowledge? What should definitely be included in a collaboration agreement? Novel-T’s legal experts are happy to answer these and other legal questions.

Legal Advice Desk

The Legal Advice Desk advises entrepreneurs on matters pertaining to corporate and contract law. Due to our extensive experience with knowledge-intensive organisations, we know when it is advisable to protect your idea with a patent and what should be included in various contract forms. Sometimes, it is best to launch a product or service as soon as possible in order to stay ahead of the competition. We call that smart knowledge management. In other words, we serve as your legal advisor, we think along and look ahead.

Our lawyers offer free legal advice:

  • About all legal matters pertaining to your (start-up) business;
  • About standard documents and contracts;
  • They also serve as your sparring partner or coach.

Our legal experts are available to all entrepreneurial students and start-ups from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences and established entrepreneurs in the region of Twente who have a knowledge-intensive idea, product or service.

The Legal Advice Desk deals with a wide range of legal questions. Some examples include:

  • Which legal form is best for my business?
  • How can I protect my idea and keep competitors from copying it?
  • We have come up with/developed something together, but who is the rightful owner?
  • What kind of contract do I need to properly record the terms of a collaboration?
  • I sold a product, but my client refuses to pay. What can I do?
  • I received a letter from a lawyer, accusing me of violating someone else’s rights. What now?

Meet our legal advisor

Hidde Eidhof
Hidde Eidhof
Legal advisor
Hidde Eidhof

Throughout the starting and developing process of your innovation, questions around legal matters arise frequently. Which legal form is most suiting for your innovation? How can I best protect my intellectual property? Do I have to file a patent? What aspects need to be included in contractual agreements? I help entrepreneurs finding answers to these questions!

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