Learning Community Assetmanagement

Increase your competitiveness through smart maintenance

Learning Community Assetmanagement

With the Learning Community Assetmanagement we want companies to innovate faster by looking at each other in the company and by conducting a professionally guided assessment together. We do this by organizing six meetings a year at different companies. Participate and get started with solutions to questions of companies in the field of maintenance!

Increase your competitiveness through smart maintenance

Smart maintenance of assets at production companies increases competitiveness. With the Learning Community Assetmanagement we want companies to innovate faster by looking at each other in the company and by conducting a professionally guided assessment together. This increases the insight into the status of your company and which concrete steps you can take to reach the ultimate goal of 100% predictable maintenance.

In a group of participants, companies challenge each other to continuously improve in the area of maintenance. The result: increased competitiveness of production companies. A core of companies has now been formed that can be expanded to a maximum of 15 participants. Do you see the added value of this initiative for your company and are you driven to take the assetmanagement of your company to a higher level? Please contact Marike Boertien.

Learning Community Assetmanagement: for whom?

Learning Community Asset management is for companies in the manufacturing industry that are or want to work with maintenance, want to be an active participant in the community and want to be facilitated with practical tools and expert knowledge. We are mainly looking for manufacturing companies: production companies and companies that produce and maintain machines themselves for customers.


The program consists of six meetings a year with different participants. During these meetings we get to know each other as companies, you get a tour at the companies, the assessments will be presented and we start with working on substantive solutions to issues of companies in the field of maintenance.

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 18 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. The dates of the other meetings will follow later.

What’s in it for you

  • You get access to concrete applicable knowledge and tools in the field of smart maintenance.
  • The Learning Community Assetmanagement makes new collaboration possible through a maintenance perspective and cross-fertilization with other entrepreneurs, Saxion University of Applied Science and the University of Twente.
  • We focus on innovation. The assessment provides a refreshing review and concrete possibilities for improvement.
  • You actively contribute to building a community around assetmanagement.
  • This is an unique project and an opportunity to be part of a group of leaders in this field.

Participation in Learning Community Assetmanagement

Are you interested in participating in the Learning Community Assetmanagement and meetings? Contact Marike Boertien via the contact details below.

Contact Marike

Marike Boertien
Marike Boertien
Innovation Matchmaker
Marike Boertien

You want to grow through innovation? Are you looking for expertise from organizations, Saxion or the UT? You want to know what is going on in the field of innovation across the eastern part of the Netherlands? Than you are right to contact me. Together we figure out how to best realize your ambitions.


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