Launching Customership

Would you like the Province of Overijssel as a customer for your innovation?

Launching Customership

We help connect municipalities’ social issues with companies’ innovative solutions and vice a versa. We are therefore continually searching for innovative entrepreneurs with new solutions for municipal briefs and municipalities with (investment) remits that require innovative input.

Launching Customership

Launching customership is aimed at supporting the organization of an innovation-oriented procurement of cooperation between government and market.


Do you have an innovation you wish to market to the public sector and are you seeking a municipality as your first customer? We help find and bind your first customer using our network and expertise. A good launching customer can help with introduction to the market and further development of the innovation. If an important player believes in your product and actively collaborates with you, it gives the rest of the market confidence too. For example, a joint test phase, first order, or knowledge exchange can bind that valuable launching customer to you.

What’s in it for entrepreneurs?

  • You meet potential first customers. With a first customer on board, you can:
  • Take greater risks with development with your first order secured
  • Achieve greater sales volumes more quickly with a reference project


How do you go from a social issue to a specific innovation brief for which market parties can offer new solutions? We help unravel complex, integral issues into a set of clear functional needs and an innovation brief that companies can use to develop new solutions. Our knowledge in the field of High Tech Systems and Materials and our contacts at knowledge institutes and innovative companies means we can provide an insight into what the market can offer and what future trends are.

What’s in it for the municipality?
You meet innovative companies that may have a revolutionary solution for your issue, so that you can solve your problem smarter/more cost effectively/more sustainably.

Startup in Residence

Startup in Residence Overijssel is all about collaboration with the objective of resolving various issues within the province of Overijssel. The programme brings together the provincial authority and innovative entrepreneurs to work on challenges including the reduction of vandalism, the monitoring of water quality and the improvement of road safety in Overijssel. Joining forces in this way allows us to learn from each other and to come up with better solutions. Through Startup in Residence, the provincial authority aims to give innovative entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop tangible products and services. If the results are positive, the provincial authority will then buy those products and services and use them. Not only Startups can apply to our programme, but all innovative entrepreneurs are welcome to start-up an innovation! Entrepreneurs can sign up to participate in the Startup in Residence programme between 17 September and 12 November 2018. More information about the issues can be found here.

Would you like to know how you can bind a municipality as your first customer, or are you a municipality wanting to work with innovative companies? I would be delighted to assist you further.

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