Innovation clusters

Work alongside businesses, knowledge institutions and talent on the innovations of tomorrow.

Innovation clusters

Our innovation clusters in the fields of mechatronics, unmanned systems and medical technology represent cooperative alliances between knowledge institutions, governments and businesses. Through a combination of high-tech knowledge and skills, facilities for testing and experimentation and intensive collaboration between various parties, we make it possible to expedite the development of impactful innovations and realize a competitive position on the expansive global market. Join one of our clusters and create impact with your innovation.

  • High-tech knowledge and skills
  • Facilities for testing and experimentation
  • Communities with knowledge institutions, governments and businesses


Novel-T is building innovation clusters to expedite the development of new technologies. Groundbreaking technology needs a fertile environment to thrive, in the form of testing and experimentation facilities, a knowledge network that contains various fields of expertise and access to capital.  In other words, everything needed to develop market-ready technology with practical applicability. Together, we work on solutions to (major) social challenges and our economic position. In the fields of industrial robotization and artificial intelligence (TValley), unmanned systems (Space53) and medical technology (MedTech Twente), we facilitate accelerated market development. Within these innovation clusters, we bring the strengths of researchers, entrepreneurs and talent together. In doing so, we invest in knowledge development and sharing, talent and business acceleration.


A strong drone innovation cluster that unites governments, knowledge institutions, emergency services and businesses. This ecosystem provides the preliminary conditions for the successful development and application of unmanned systems.


This technology platform brings businesses, researchers and talent together. Together, they work on innovative projects in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and mechatronics. Sharing knowledge, close collaboration with educational institutions and market-driven tech roadmaps form the basis for innovation cluster TValley.

MedTech Twente

MedTech Twente is the innovation hub for the accelerated development of medical technology. In this cluster, businesses and health care institutions work together closely with researchers from the knowledge institutions to develop the health care innovations of tomorrow.


Are you looking for a cooperative alliance to expedite your innovation? The clusters TValley, Space53 and MedTech Twente provide a range of possibilities in their respective fields of expertise.


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