Innovate GO

Accelerate your business case with this program for SMEs.

Innovate GO

Are you ready to accelerate your business case and market it? Innovate GO is a unique accelerator program, tailored to SMEs. In a hands-on program, you will work in a team to develop and market your business case. Our experts provide the coaching, knowledge, and guidance you need to take the first steps to launch your innovation.

What you need to know

  • Acceleration program for SMEs
  • 3 periods of 6 weeks
  • Validate your innovation and get it market ready
  • A proven method that you can apply yourself after the program
  • Investment €1000.-

The accelerator for SMEs

Novel-T and the province of Overijssel started the SME accelerator program Innovate GO. In 18 weeks’ time, you and your team will work on developing and marketing a validated idea for a product or service. We’ll provide the guidance, coaching, and knowledge necessary for those first steps toward the market. You’ll go through the program together with roughly several other teams from other SMEs from the region. Amongst others, the program consists of individual coaching, training, and group sessions in which you’ll collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs, experts, students, and startups. The result: a validated product with a short-term growth objective, a marketing plan, and a broad network of experts, fellow entrepreneurs, and talent.

We offer the Innovate GO program in Dutch. For more information, go to our Dutch page or contact us to see what we can do for you.


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Hendrik Haaksema
Hendrik Haaksema
Program manager
Hendrik Haaksema

To explore innovative ideas next to your existing business. That is the challenge of more and more companies. Together with my team, I'm working on programs focussing on disruptive innovation for the SME. From exploring new technologies to entering the market. Interested? Contact me!


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