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Do you want to work on your business idea in the coolest place of Twente? Than Incubase is your spot. We facilitate and support entrepreneurial students at the University of Twente campus. Great companies such as,, and Xsens have their roots at the campus. Is your company the next big success?

The place for you as a student entrepreneur

When you say Incubase, you say innovation and inspiration. At this physical spot, you can work in peace, but also brainstorm in one of the conference rooms. It is the spot at the University of Twente where students and startups can work on their future ideas. You can also find a pitch area. Here masterclasses, boot camps, and ideas are pitched every month. The best of all? You can be a part of it.

The entrepreneurial university

The University of Twente has a track record of 35 years of experience as an entrepreneurial university. Over 1000 startups/spin-offs were created at the university. For example,,, and Scisports. Nowadays the startup and business activities are a part of Novel-T.  The Student Union promotes the academic competencies and the well-being of students of the University of Twente.

Become part of the community

Start your business at Incubase. For ten euros a month you have access to the community of Incubase. As a member, you can make use of the coaches’ and experts’ expertise, you can join programs that help you start your business and you will have unlimited access to masterclasses and pitches. Is your startup growing at Incubase? Then we help you with even more possibilities. Check out all the opportunities on the website of Incubase.

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We are supporting students, startups en scale-ups and to strengthen the innovative power of the regional SME and large companies. Successful innovation starts with us. Do you have a question, an idea or do you want to work together? Let us know!

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