Meet a Junior Business Developer

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Meet a Junior Business Developer

College time is the best time to start your own business. Student entrepreneurship offers lots of possibilities. Our Junior Business Developers make entrepreneurship accessible to students in various ways and connect them to new opportunities. By guiding and mentoring visionary students and young startups we want to make sure they can grow their business with our support!

Meet a Junior Business Developer

University of Twente and Saxion Hogeschool offer huge possibilities for student entrepreneurship. This is one of the reasons that for the second time, the University of Twente has been chosen as most entrepreneurial university of The Netherlands. Starting your business during your study is therefore the perfect timing.

Our Junior Business Developers are your contact persons if you have an idea. It doesn’t matter whether you already have the complete business plan layed out or whether you only thought about the idea for a few minutes. They’ll guide you around everything that Novel-T and the universities has to offer you. From personal mentoring and support, to participation in our START program and connection with national and international opportunities. The Junior Business Developers are always available for a coffee and a chat about your idea. From there they will see how they can help you best with the next steps for your business idea.

If you already somehow know one of our JBD’s or see them somewhere on campus, don’t hesitate to approach them! Underneath you can find all their contact details. Reach out to whoever seems like a good fit to you – they all will make sure you receive the best support possible!

Meet a Junior Business Developer

Julian Sotscheck
Julian Sotscheck
Junior Business Developer
Julian Sotscheck

Being part of the JBD team, you can of course always reach out to me with any entrepreneurship question. I am especially passionate about well designed and user focused ideas that challenge the status quo. I want to motivate, challenge and support you to realise your ambitious visions, or set even higher goals!


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