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Take-off: financing instrument for spin-offs from regional knowledge institutions.


Take-off, a financing instrument made available by the NWO, stimulates businesses and entrepreneurship at Dutch knowledge institutes. If you are an academic entrepreneur or a starter at a higher-education institution, you can bring your innovative research result to market with a Take-off.

Financing instrument Take-off

Take-off is intended for spin-offs that originate from the knowledge institutes (UT and Saxion). It consists of two components:

  • Feasibility studies (phase 1) – maximum duration: 6 months
  • Early phase (phase 2) – maximum duration: 24 months

Phase 1: Feasibility study

As part of Take-off, researchers can apply for financing in the amount of €20,000 to €40,000 to conduct a feasibility study and research the commercial applications of innovative ideas and the start of a business.

Phase 2: Early phase

Spin-offs can apply for a loan in the amount of €50,000 to €250,000. This money is used for the early phase of the project, which has a maximum duration of two years. The loan includes interest and must be paid back within a period of eight years. The early phase consists of the steps necessary to make a knowledge innovation commercially viable, such as a production process, market research and marketing and financing plans. With these, the entrepreneur can approach other private or public parties at the end of the early phase for investments in the project’s follow-up phases.

For more information check the website of NWO.

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