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Entrepreneurial Researcher Program

The entrepreneurial researcher: from research to business plan in three days.

Entrepreneurial Researcher Program

Are you a researcher and do you want to use your research findings as the foundation for a spin-off company? During the Entrepreneurial Researcher Program, you will learn how to convert the results of your research into a spin-off company. This program is aimed at stimulating your entrepreneurial spirit and helps you to translate your own research into practice. After following this program you will know whether you are a budding entrepreneur and what the validation options are for your research.

Sign up for the entrepreneurial researcher program

What you should know

  • Program of 4 meetings + a coaching session and pitch
  • Learn how to market your research
  • Take the first step toward a spin-off company
  • For UT and Saxion researchers
  • Without costs, 1ECTS


Today, the world demands a researcher 2.0: a researcher who can translate research into business opportunities and who can communicate at the same level as the industry: the entrepreneurial researcher. During this program, you will learn how to convert the results of your research into a spin-off company.

During the interactive masterclasses, you will learn everything you need to know as a researcher about business models, market research, intellectual property, pitching, and financing. The program consists of four meetings on the aforementioned topics, a personal coaching session and finally you pitch your business proposition to a panel of experts.


The entrepreneurial skills you learn in this program are valuable for a career in science, as it helps you connect with the industry better. Plus, it helps you prepare for working in the industry. By making this connection, you get a better idea of the scope of your research, which allows you to create more value in your research.

Are you considering starting a spin-off company? Then this program is also the perfect start to validate your research. Starting a spin-off company is not a requirement for this program: all entrepreneurial researchers from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences are welcome!

Upcoming starting dates

Below, you find the several starting moments of the program. The dates of the different sessions are mentioned as well. In case of only three dates being mentioned instead of four, two sessions will take place on the same day. We’ll send you more information about this after you sign up.


  • August (on campus): 30 aug. – 6 sep. – 8 sep. – 19 sep.
  • November (online): 8 nov. – 13 nov. – 15 nov. – 17 nov. – 22 nov. – 6 dec.


  • January (online): 17 jan. – 22 jan. – 24 jan. – 26 jan. – 29 jan. – 7 feb.
  • March (on campus): 13 mar. – 20 mar. – 22 mar. – 3 apr.
  • May (on campus): 8 may – 15 may – 17 may – 29 may


Starting can be a challenge. Yet, many have gone before you, not only in spin-offs but also as entrepreneurial top-researchers at academia or in industry. Previous participants include spin-off companies: Tide Microfluidics, Eurekite, MercuryLab, Sirius Medical Systems BV, LipoCoat, Locsense.


Participation in the program is free of charge. Are you interested to join? Sign up via one of the buttons below.



Meet Tim

Tim de Kraker
Tim de Kraker
Business Developer
Tim de Kraker

I help students, PhDs and inventors to start a business or a spin-off. I can contribute to finding funding, finetuning your business plans and help creating the right marketing and sales strategy.


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