Cyber Security Quick Scan

Increase the cyber resilience of your company.

Cyber Security Quick Scan

Rapid digital shifts in society create new challenges for entrepreneurs. Is your company protected well enough against attacks from cyber criminals, for example? The Cyber Security Quick Scan analyses your company on the areas of technics, people and organization and offers specific advices to increase your resilience.

Note: The scan is only available in Dutch. Contact us to discuss the possibilities to do the scan in English.

Information on the Cyber Security Quick Scan

The Cyber Security Centre Manufacturing Industry has developed a risk scan in cooperation with cyber security professionals. This resilience analysis is aimed at all facets of cyber security (people, technics and organization) with which businesses in the manufacturing industry have to cope with. The Cyber Security Quick Scan gives you insight in the strong aspects of your company and you will find out what your focus areas are when it comes to cyber security.

A scan will result in a report which will give you insight in the solutions for the short, medium and long term. The report shows:

  • the areas in which you are vulnerable for disruptions or manipulations of your critical business processes by cyber threats;
  • which security measures are necessary to become less susceptible for disruptions or manipulation of the production process;
  • whether your business lives up to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

With this information you will be able to take the right measures to protect your company efficiently and effectively.


As of now, the scan is only available in Dutch. More information on the scan can be found on our Dutch page. Are you interested in the scan for your company either way? Contact Liesbeth to discuss the possibilities for your company.

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Liesbeth Holterman
Monique Snippers
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Liesbeth Holterman
Expert Cybersecurity
Liesbeth Holterman

As advisor of the Cybersecurity Centre for Manufacturing Industry I can help you with increasing the digital safety of your company. Ask me a question and I will contact you soon.

Monique Snippers
Project coordinator
Monique Snippers

Are you curious about the digital security of your company? Feel free to make an appointment or contact me.


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