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Create Tomorrow

With all the hustle and bustle an average day brings, it’s tempting to spend all our time on the challenges of dawn-to-dark. On daily base chores and deadlines swallow up our energy and leave no space for tomorrow. This series is about creating that space. About taking the time to fully focus on the challenges of the future. What do we see when we reach beyond everything that is already there? What challenges are coming, and what opportunities are there?


We explore this together. We call for dreamers, rationalists, creatives, technicians and other bright minds. The more perspectives, the more complete the view. If we join forces, we can create a real impact. By working together, the future does not only have to be something that happens to us. We can influence it together. We can create tomorrow.


We start with a two-day gap in time to forget about today and dive into the questions of tomorrow. Once we’ve connected the right people and the right questions, we start collecting new ideas and inventing innovative solutions. After two days we return to the reality of the day, but we will not let go of our new insights. We turn these insights into actions. It’s what we call the impact method. You will see it works. The impact method is a boost for innovation and new business. It’s a movement in a world that is highly focused on today.

Forward thinkers

Independent people have their focus of attention always in the future. Forward thinkers are good at connecting the dots and seeing the bigger picture. They are both creatively and analytically strong. To be a forward thinker is to have an open mind and to be receptive to ideas or reviewing ideas. Even when these ideas clash with the apparently obvious. Their way of thinking can inspire other people and boost their creativity as well.

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