The match between international graduates and employers.


International graduates of Saxion and University of Twente are keen to start their career in the Netherlands and are planning a long-term stay here. Connect matches graduates and employers through the international traineeship programme or through the newly introduced Incubatorships.


This programme offers Saxion and University of Twente graduates a career Development Programme directly after graduating. Since companies and organizations with international ambitions are most interested in hiring high skilled workers with knowledge of, and experience in, specific cultures, languages and countries, Saxion and Twente University cooperate in guiding international students to find their way on the Dutch labour market.

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International graduates from Saxion and University of Twente come from all over the world and graduate from one of our Bachelor or Master programmes. Whilst finishing their programme they can apply for Connect, where they will go through a strict selection process.

After selection, the candidates are prepared for working in the Netherlands through different training sessions, such as communication and intercultural skills, and Dutch language classes. Meanwhile, they will be presented to and matched with companies.

When a successful match is made with an employer, trainees sign a temporary labour contract with the company. The duration of a traineeship is flexible, but usually lies between 6 and 12 months. During this time trainees receive a modest salary. Trainees will carry out previously described and agreed projects and tasks. The duration of an Incubatorship lies between 3 to 6 months, where the incubator receives a small monthly compensation. For more information on what a Career Incubatorship entails, please visit ‘Career Incubatorships’. The level of work should always correspond with the education programme the trainee or incubator completed.

More information can be found here.


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