Advice of NEA

Do you have questions to the National government? Ask them to NEA at Novel-T.

Advice from NEA

Would you like to know more about subsidies for sustainable, agrarian, innovative or international business? Are you looking for information about laws and regulations or do you have a question about patents? Schedule an appointment with NEA consultant Gerko Slotman. Gerko is available at Novel-T on every first and third Monday of the month to answer all your questions.

Advice from The Netherlands Enterprise Agency

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (NEA) helps entrepreneurs in the Netherlands with their sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international entrepreneurship, for example by providing subsidies and helping them find business partners and comply with applicable laws and regulations. The NEA’s website contains a wealth of information from the government for entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, it can be good to sit down with a consultant to discuss your questions in person. NEA consultant Gerko Slotman is therefore available at Novel-T on every first and third Monday of the month to answer questions from start-ups, growing entrepreneurs and researchers from Twente.

Here are some examples of the questions Gerko can help you with:

  • What fiscal schemes are available for innovation and research & development?
  • Are there any special schemes and subsidies for starting entrepreneurs?
  • I want to invest in sustainable energy. Is there a deduction system for that?
  • How does the SME Credit (MKBK) guarantee work?
  • Is there a market for my product in China?
  • How can I find international distributors for my product?
  • How does pricing work in Japan?
  • I am looking for a country with the right climate for the cultivation of flowers, as well as proper logistical services.

About the NEA

The NEA is part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, but it also works for other ministries such as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Furthermore, the NEA works for the European Union. Its goal is to improve the opportunities available to entrepreneurs and help them strengthen their (international) position. To that end, the organisation collaborates on a national and international level with governments, knowledge institutes, international organisations and myriad other partners. More than 240,000 entrepreneurs make use of the NEA’s services every year. In short: the NEA offers innovative entrepreneurs a wealth of valuable opportunities.


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