Towards a powerful MedTech Twente Cluster 2030

Growth stimulus for medical technology through investment in cluster organization

Province of Overijssel, Municipality of Enschede and Twente Board invest in powerful MedTech Twente cluster in 2030

The kick-off of MedTech Twente 2030 marks an important follow-up step toward further growth and internationalization of Twente’s medical technology cluster. The project focuses on a growing and powerful business cluster in the region. It strengthens the ecosystem in three areas: community building for knowledge sharing and cooperation within the region, collaboration with other European clusters and global profiling and positioning. The plan is also a catalyst for creating multiple action agendas to get Twente into the top European MedTech regions by 2030.


Author: Manon Bijsterbosch 4 November 2022

The kick-off of MedTech Twente 2030 took place during the MedTech Business Event, part of the first MedTech Twente Week. In the presence of cluster partners, entrepreneurs and business representatives, administrators from the Province of Overijssel, the Municipality of Enschede and the Twente Board explained why they are investing in the cluster. Some MedTech companies also told about their developments and the importance of solid cooperation in and profiling of the region on MedTech.

Investment in the ecosystem results in the growing international position of MedTech Twente

Eddy van Hijum, Provincial Executive of Overijssel member: “Together, we invest in the growth of MedTech companies in the region. After the previous honors for specific MedTech projects, this strengthening of mutual cooperation within the MedTech Cluster and external profiling is now. This fact will help advance the cluster as a whole and specific companies, resulting in positive effects on welfare and prosperity in the region.

Jeroen Diepemaat, the alderman of economy at the municipality of Enschede, confirms that prognosis, seeing business activity growing rapidly in Twente, including at Kennispark Twente. “In different places, MedTech companies are building and establishing themselves on the innovation campus and realizing their ambitions. I am proud that we can support all these developments with a powerful cluster organization.”

Victor Jan Leurs adds: “The health of our residents is a fundamental goal for us. Future care is under heavy pressure and medical technology is one of the solutions to keep care accessible and affordable for everyone. Our region and companies belong to the national top and can play a major role in this long term.”

The driving forces behind the regional cluster are Oost NL, University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, World Trade Center Twente, Roessingh Research & Development, Health Valley, Kennispark Twente, Twente Board and Novel-T. “In mid-2020, on behalf of the various stakeholders, we offered Mona Keijzer, then State Secretary for Economic Affairs, a first action plan with targeted investment proposals for the regional MedTech cluster. It is fantastic to see the traction since then, realized from a collaboration between entrepreneurs, governments and knowledge institutions focused on growing companies. I look forward to the next phase!” said Jaap Beernink, CEO of Novel-T.

Photo: Shotmaniacs

MedTech Twente Week

From November 2 to 4, 2022, the first edition of MedTech Twente Week is taking place. The success of the TechMed Event has been expanded into a broad multi-day program for researchers, corporates, startups, medics, students and investors, among others. There is plenty of focus on medical technology research, bringing MedTech innovations to the market and implementing them, accelerating MedTech business and making new connections. Together, we are strengthening our future health care with medical technology.


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