Design sustainable moulds for Van den Berg Beton BV

Are you interested in designing sustainable moulds for concrete?


Van den Berg Beton is a manufacturer and supplier of prefab concrete elements and basements. They make different products by pouring concrete into wooden moulds. Van den Berg Beton B.V. wants to use a more sustainable option for this.


Van den Berg Beton B.V. based in Raalte, is a manufacturer and supplier of prefab concrete elements and cellars.The company was founded in 1933 and operates in the construction industry. Van den Berg Beton consists out of three divisions:

  • Van den Berg Beton B.V.
  • Van den Berg Beton Kelders B.V.
  • Van den Berg Beton Elementen B.V.

In this study, the focus will be laid on Van den Berg Beton Elementen B.V. Some examples of products they produce include: plates, landings, columns, facade elements and stairs. To get the desired shape, the concrete is poured into a wooden mould. The moulds are made at the mould making company Modus Heino. Modus is a sister company of Van den Berg Beton. To ensure the quality of the final product and the shape, a smooth and solid mould is needed. Therefore, a lot of paint, glue and screws are used.


Since many of the products are unique, a new mould is made for each project. After use, the mould disappears into a shredder, with the only remainder being wood chips. A great loss, in our opinion. Making a mould not only requires a lot of wood, it is also a labour-intensive process. Therefore, we are looking for a solution to use the moulds in a more sustainable way.


What would be an affordable alternative to the current formwork moulds, so that these formwork moulds can be used in a more sustainable way? Current ideas are:

  • Designing moulds differently so that they can be used more often (how?)
  • Using other materials (what about concrete pressure?)
  • Reuse parts (how about paint, glue, screws?)

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